Why You Shouldn’t Use Image-Only Emails

Images help you to keep the newsletter design consistent, and you can use your brands’ fonts, place copy  on images and even more without coding.

You may think desining image-only newsletters is a good idea, but you should consider that image-only newsletter designs come with a poor subscriber experience and can eventually hurt your brand.

It can’t be denied that images have a place in newsletter designs, email marketers need to understand that images alone don’t serve their all audiences.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Image-Only Emails

     1. Your receiver may not see your newsletter design

If your receiver has images turned off, then he/she won’t see your newsletter design. You should consider this tip because this setting is very common and sometimes it happens by default. Researches show that 43% of Gmail users are viewing emails with images off.

     2. If you send extra-large email, it load slowly or not load at all

If your receivers are using a slow internet connection, the images in your newsletter design may load slowly. Also there is a risk that even if some of your receivers are using speedy internet connection, images may not load quick enough.

People don’t want to spend a lot of time to read an email, so when this happens your subscribers will be disengaged and delete your email.

     3. If your emails aren’t including live text, this can hurt the accessibility

Yes, building the text into images has benefits, but when you want to create accessible emails, you should use live text. Consider that if your subscriber is using screen reader, your subscriber won’t be able to understand the message that you try to give to your readers with your newsletter design. Because your message is hidden in an image. That applies to your subscribers that speaks a different language too, they can’t translate the text in your newsletter design.

     4. Image-only emails won’t be searchable 

Sometimes, one of your subscriber remembers an helpful or valuable information that in your email, and your subscriber need to find it. When this happens and if the email is an image-only email then email is no longer searchable. Your subscriber can’t be able to find the content they’re looking for.

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