Why You Should Use Email Marketing

If you’re sending frequent emails to a growing email list, setting up an account through an email marketing service. You need some practice to create a good newsletter design and this keeps you very busy. You can get help from email marketing services for this.

 1. You can use pre-designed templates
If you are searching for a template to use for your newsletter design, pre-designed libraries of email marketing services would be a good source for you. This not only save your time, but this also makes you sure about your newsletter design works across all email clients and programs with these templates.

 2. You can customize the template you selected
You have looked to the pre-designed library and you liked one of the templates, but also you want to change something to make your newsletter design compatible with your business? There is no problem, email marketing services provide you a template editor. So, you are able to make changes on the template you selected.

 3. You can manage your email list
Managing email list automatically is one of the best reasons to use email marketing services. That means, if one of your subscribers wants to unsubscribe after reading your email, the subscriber just need to click the unsubscribe link that in your newsletter design, that’s all. You don’t have to do anything. Also, email marketing services provide other advanced subscriber management features.

 4. Following the spam rules
After the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, the first national standards are set for sending of marketing emails. Some of these standards are about providing a place that subscribers are able to opt-out of receiving future emails of your brand. Email marketing services ensure your brand is following these standards.

 5. Measurable results
The success of your email marketing strategy should be measurable, with this you can see which emails are opened, what subject lines are working best and also how many links that in your newsletter design have been clicked. With this information, you can send more effective and valuable emails, so this makes you better email marketer.

 6. The reputation of email address
Spammers always find a way to get through all the spam filters and protections which Email and Internet Service Providers put in place and sometimes the good email senders may get caught from these filters and protections and their emails would be rejected. This incident can happen easily if you are not using these reputable email services when you are sending bulk emails.

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