Why You Should Never Buy an Email List

Email List

We know you need people to send your campaigns and you need quickly. Unfortunately, buying email list is not a solution. Slow and steady wins the race.

Buying an email list isn’t that hard. You’ll find many websites even if you google it. Also, it would be great to find a list for a very cheap price. However, believe me, this won’t work. It’s more like googling symptoms you have. It only tells you which diseases have the best SEO. This way of thinking will do you more harm than good. Why? Let’s talk.

1. First things first; GDPR

Most email marketers around the world are legally required to allow recipients to opt out of emails they no longer want to receive. Also, you’re only allowed to send email to people that gives you permission. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) emphasizes the opt-in side of this relationship even more. On the other hand, purchased email lists are just non-compliant.

In other words, the list you will send email must be authorized. People must give permission to you of their own free will. They should join your list themselves through opt-in forms. That’s why, the lists you buy are against GDPR laws.

Let’s see some non-legal reasons, shall we?

2. It’s a bit irritating

We all know that getting an email from a company you never heard of is a bit frustrating. I believe, you don’t want to make such a first impression on your potential customers. You should impress your customers with your quality contents and special offers and of course they have to trust your brand and getting their inbox from nowhere seems like a bad plan.

A well-planed marketing strategy will already bring potential customers to you. Explain them what you have for them clearly. So, they will already want to hear more and subscribe.

3. A technical issue, your deliverability rate and IP reputation will be harmed

If you buy a list, you’ll have no chance to confirm whether the emails really exist. They are most probably bounce adresses. You also don’t know how often those email addresses have been emailed. As a result, the email address turns into a spam trap that stops returning the hard bounce notice. Also, instead accepts the message and reports the sender as a spammer.

Those are really huge risks to take. Even if you try to clean the list, it’ll take a long time. At the end, it’ll cost your deliverability rate and IP reputation.

4. Dependable email marketing softwares won’t let you send emails to this list

Let’s be honest, no truly dependable email marketing softwares don’t let you send email to the list you’ve bought. If one of them let you use it, just run away, for real.

The deliverability of other customers on that shared IP address might be harmed by one customer’s toxic email address list. If you want your emails to really get into people’s inboxes, you’ll want use a truly dependable email marketing software.

What to do then?

You can easily grow an opt-in list for free. Keys to attract your potential customers; a quality digital marketing strategy, quality content and special offers. For example, offer them deals like a free e-book or discount, when they join your email list. Thus, they will subscribe at their own request.

You can collect leads with effective advertising campaigns on social media or Google or other platforms. Then attract potential customers to your brand with effective email marketing campaigns. In this way, you will both get more ROI compared to the contact list purchasing method. You will also avoid technical and legal problems that may occur in the future.

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