Reasons Why You Have a Low Open Rate and How You Can Increase It

Here are 4 reasons that explain why is your open rate may be lower than it should be:

  1. Quality of your subscribers

If you are sending your emails to a purchased email list, then you will get lower open rates than the industry average and this is so normal. It is the same for the lists which include unqualified subscribers.

  2. Segmentation

If you’re planing to send same email to your every single subsciber,  just don’t do that. Because, this way you will never get the engagement that you expect from your subscibers. Expectation of the same amount of interest from people with different backgrounds will do no good to your open rates.


  3. Inactive subscribers

If your email list includes a lot of inactive subscribers, that will be a problem for your inbox deliverability and your open rates, as well. Verifying helps to get rid of this subscribers, and INBOXVerify is one of the most effective tools to verify email list.

  4. Don’t use boring subject lines

You should catch the attention of your subscribers with your subject lines to improve your open rate.

And here are 5 five ways to improve it:

  1. Subscriber qualifying

Do not ask anyone to join your list before ensuring that you qualify them with a lead magnet. Lead magnet is an encouragement which marketers offer to their potential customers in exchange for their contact information like email address. Lead magnets generally offer PDF, eBook, video etc. You should not attract everyone to your email list. Don’t use giveaways which most people would want, like a smartphone giveaway. Instead, a free speciemen of one of your products. This way, you will interact with your target customers.

  2. Segmentation

Nearly most of all marketers send every single one of their emails to each and every subscribers on their list. This is not a successful way to do email marketing.

By segmenting your email list based on the purchase history, location, interests, etc., you can ensure that your emails are really opened. By doing that, you attract your subscribers to be more interested in your emails. Studies show that segmented email marketing campaigns perform 14.37% better than non-segmented ones. INBOX offers segmentation system as a feature of subscriber management.

3. Perfect timing

Sending email newsletter design to subscribers at the right time is really important for good open rates.

Generally, sending the email between 8:30-10:00 AM, 2:30-3:30 PM, or 8:00-midnight is the best, and this helps to avoid from the times that most people clean their inbox and they are more likely to delete your email without reading.

  4. Subject line

Using direct and intriguing subject lines and optimizing your subject lines for mobile devices are crucial for improving your open rate. With direct subject lines, you give the message what your receivers should expect from the email, and that gives a reason to your subscribers to open it. “How to Get 1K Subscribers in 1 Week” is a good example for direct subject line. An intriguing subject line is useful to attract your subscribers to open your email, as well. You create a sense of curiosity in your subscriber and they want to open it. Another thing is, most of the emails are opened on mobile devices. That means you should optimize your subject line for it. 6-10 words or 25 characters are good limits to create an optimized subject line.

  5. Keep your email lists clean

If you send your emails to the email list that includes a lot of inactive subscribers, your deliverability will get hurt from this. INBOXVerify analyses your email list, detects the inactive subscribers and clean your email list from them. In other words, your email list gets verified by INBOXVerify.

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