Why You Are Losing Your Subscribers

Losing some subscribers is totally normal in email marketing. Even so, your subscribers may think that you’re annoying and angering them, even if you don’t realize this.

You may send too many emails to your subscribers

If you send an email to your subscribers every day, or worse, more than one, they will feel annoyed. For this, let your subscribers to choose how many emails they want to get. If they have signed up for a monthly newsletter, this means they want to receive only one email per month from you and you should follow that.

Maybe your newsletter design isn’t visually attractive

Newsletter designs that include only text don’t entice your receivers to read, and this may make them think being subscribed. Instead of this, you should provide visually attractive newsletter designs. That doesn’t just mean that your newsletter design should include your brand’s colors, logo and remarkable images. You also should ensure your newsletter designs are responsive with different browsers and mobile devices.

Your subject lines aren’t catchy

The subject line is the thing that creates the first impression on your subscribers. If your subject line doesn’t arouse curiosity, your emails going to stay in inboxes without being read or they going to send to the trash without being read.
And the subject lines like that may make your subscribers feel themselves like uninterested in your messages. In time, your subscribers will realize that there’s no reason to stay in your email marketing list.
So, writing short and sweet subject lines will be good for you. And also, if your subject lines include the subscriber’s name, you can grab your subscriber attention easily. You can get help from action-oriented words to make your readers feel special.

Your subscribers didn’t get what they have signed up for

If you are sending irrelevant emails to your subscribers, they don’t provide any value to your subscribers and this makes your subscribers feel ignored and unimportant.
With INBOX’s advanced features, you can easily segment your email list by your subscriber’s locations, genders, purchase histories and more. Segmentation helps to send your email marketing messages to the right subscribers.

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