Why Should You Like the Unsubscribe Button?

It doesn’t sound nice that the contacts in your database who you collected laboriously choose to unsubscribe, does it?  However, it is not that bad. First of all, it is a legal right for your subscribers; but more importantly, it is actually a useful option for your email marketing campaigns.

No matter how successful marketing strategies you create, certainly some subscribers will not want to receive email from you anymore and will do it by clicking on the unsubscribe button that you have to put on your emails. Since there is no escape from this anyway; then, let’s look at why this button is in fact essential and how you can benefit from it.


If you make unsubscription difficult, you will probably make new enemies!

To make unsubscription difficult in order not to lose your subscribers -maybe- will provide you to keep some lazy subscribers in your database. Well, have you ever thought of why this could be a disadvantage for you?

Most senders put the unsubscribe button in the bottom of emails and with the most unreadable font size and color to avoid unsubscriptions.  In such a case, if the subscribers can somehow see the button and reach the unsubscribe page; then, they are lucky! But not as lucky as you may think. After clicking the button, they usually should try to solve a puzzle and try to find out some way out while they drift from one page to another.

The first side effect of making unsubscription difficult is that lazy subscriber usually doesn’t exert an effort for that and simply mark you as spam. It’s an easy way; because, marking as spam is just one click and they don’t even need to leave the page. But unsubscription requires more effort than that.

Emails received from addresses marked as spam will be dropped to junk box.  Technically, the more emails you drop to junk box, the less deliverability you get.

That is, the number of emails that you can manage to land in the inboxes will start to drop considerably.  The reason for this is the decreasing reputation of your IPs via which you send your emails. In other words, email servers (such as Gmail, Hotmail etc.) consider you as a spammer as your IP reputation decreases.

In a nutshell, making unsubscription difficult means that you turn an old friend into an enemy as long as you force them to stay with you. Having a nice outlook and image is a part of marketing and eventually generates more income. Just let them go…


Unsubscription should be offered easily and enjoyably

Unsubscription should be an important strategic part of email marketing

If your database expands over time, the number of people that want to unsubscribe increases normally. It does not mean that you lose these people as a potential customer forever.  Because of that, to leave good impression in the old subscribers’ mind should also be a part of your marketing strategy.

However risky it is, the first important step is to put an easily accessible unsubscribe button in the emails. Especially on mobile devices, it is hard to hit the unsubscribe button if it is designed to be unreadable and untouchable. Don’t make it a torture for your subscribers. Don’t be one of those disturbing companies.

The later steps of the unsubscribe process should also be short and entertaining. In other words, you should keep your elegance while letting know the unsubscribing people that you will miss them and you are sorry to see them go.


Use different ways to handle the unsubscription process

How you offer unsubscription to your subscribers is totally up to your marketing strategy.  Let’s list best practices we saw in email marketing businesses for you:

Treat it as a joke and give one last chance

You can follow the affinity strategy to keep people on your database. Push them to think it over for one last time. For example, you can tell how sorry you are because of this separation by a very short video; or, you can ask if this separation is a conscious decision? Or you can say that they still have a chance for being subscriber and you can lead them to the related page. That is, to dramatize this separation as much as possible and to look cute with your customers. Even if they refuse to return, this warm farewell will be well reflected in your reputation.


Offer different subscription options

Another option you can apply is to reach those who want to unsubscribe by offering them different subscription options before completing the unsubscription request. For instance, you can send monthly emails to subscribers who receive newsletters weekly; or, you can give them options to receive emails in promotions in certain categories. These approaches will definitely be appreciated by those who still want to have a relationship with your company.


The lesson to be learned from all these is quite simple.  Someone who wants to unsubscribe will find a way to block you from reaching him/her. Why not turn the situation to your advantage instead of trying to avoid from it?

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