Why Is Email Personalization So Important In Email Marketing?

In this article, we will talk about the topic why is email personalization so important in email marketing. We will also inform you about how you can improve your email marketing campaign by personalizing your emails. We will give you some tips on how to personalize your emails in a better way.

What Is This Article About?

Today, over four billion people have an email account in the world. That is equivalent to over 50% of all human population on earth. This means that email is one of the most effective and available communication tools. It also means that email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing. However, there are also some handicaps peculiar to it. 

Since email is a very popular way of communication, each individual receives tens of emails everyday. And most of these emails are from companies that run email marketing campaigns. Henceforth, it is very important to outshine your competitors as an email marketing campaign runner. And one of the most effective ways to do so is by personalizing your emails. For this reason, we will discuss the value of sending personalized emails in email marketing in this post. Additionally, we will tell you how customizing your emails may help your email marketing strategy. We’ll provide you some tips on how to better personalize your emails.

What Is Email Personalization In Email Marketing?

Email personalization in email marketing basically means customizing your campaign emails according to the subscriber receiving the email. This concept might include things such as:

  • Addressing the subscriber by their name
  • Sending a celebration email to the subscriber in their birthday
  • Sending the emails according to the subscriber’s time zone
  • Assigning a customer services employee for the subscriber and announcing this to them

All these things and more help you increase your email open rates since your subscribers will feel special.

Why Is Email Personalization So Important In Email Marketing?

The answer to this question is actually a pretty basic but crucial psychological fact. Every person wants to be seen as an individual. For this reason, they tend to get attracted to things that are more ‘’individually targeted’’. In other words, they like to get special treatment. For this reason, it is crucial to personalize your emails. Because this will give your subscribers the impression that they are special to you. And they actually should be. 

Email personalization is also beneficial in some other ways. For example, email personalization increases the variety of your emails. This might help you get better scores in the perspective of the algorithm. 

Email Personalization Statistics

Email personalization is a very important and valued topic. For this reason, many companies and foundations in the industry carry out comprehensive researches every year on the topic. The results of these researches also show us the importance and impact of email personalization further. According to the results of some of these researches:

  • Targeted personalization, according to 74% of marketers, boosts consumer engagement.
  • Personalization is “essential,” “very important,” or “very vital,” according to 94% of customer insights and marketing experts from various sectors, for achieving their current email marketing goals.
  • When compared to emails without any personalization, the open rate for emails with a personalized approach was 5.5% higher (13.1% to 18.8%)
  • In order to carry out tailored marketing strategies, 66% of marketers are attempting to secure internal resources.
  • Marketers have found that personalized email marketing has increased revenue by 760%.

How Can You Get Better At Email Personalization

In this section, we will give you a number of tips on how to get better at email personalization. We will explain each tip and give you information on how you can execute them effectively.

Use Conditions

Using conditions, or in other words, creating dynamic content is one of the biggest steps to take in personalizing your emails. What using conditions basically means is creating a number of different content groups as an outcome of a certain situation. For example, the x situation has three possible outcomes. At this point, rather than creating only one email block and changing very little depending on the outcome, creating three different email texts makes a huge difference. This way, you can both increase the diversity of your emails, and make the subscriber feel more special. 

Integrate Information

By integrating your shop database or CRM into your email marketing campaign, you can greatly benefit from the information you have on these platforms. For example, you can categorize your subscribers by the money they spent or times they have bought products from your store. By doing this, you can create different email templates for different groups of subscribers. For example, you can send more discount coupons or special offers to those who tend to buy more from your ecommerce website. 

Use Automation In Your Email Marketing Campaign

Automation in email marketing is a great deal. Using automation correctly can boost up your sales and subscribers by well over 100% in some cases. While it might be hard to understand and employ email campaign automation correctly, succeeding in it will reward you greatly. For further information about automation in email marketing, you can read our article about email automation by going to https://useinbox.com/5-e-mail-marketing-automations-you-need-on-your-e-commerce-website/.

Follow Your Subscribers’ Activity

Although the title might sound unethical, it isn’t how it sounds. What we mean by following your subscribers’ activity is to follow if they have opened your emails or not. Sending follow-up emails to the subscribers that haven’t opened your last email statistically increases your overall email open rates. 

Wrapping Up

As you can understand from this post, email personalization is a pretty big deal. Applying this concept to your email marketing campaign correctly will certainly improve the success of your campaign. You can also look into our other blogs about email marketing and get more tips on improving your email marketing campaign by visiting https://useinbox.com/blog/.

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