Why is Email Marketing Important for E-Commerce Websites?

With the technology developing, especially with the internet becoming more and more popular every day, almost every industry in the world has evolved in some way to adapt to the new world of communication. Whether it be a local bookseller or a multi-million worth textile company, today, every single institution that needs to reach people has to use the internet for their business. And today, in this article, we will tell you about email marketing, one of the best ways to reach these people.

Once you set up a website or a store page on one of the existing e-commerce websites in the industry such as Amazon, you will always need to promote your product to reach new potential customers and convince them to buy your product or products. At this point, there are actually many different options before you.

We are in the age of technology, and technology means countless different opportunities. In the world of technology, you can promote your product or business in many different ways. For example, you can use Google Ads, which is a digital advertisement company that gives adverts to many different websites, to promote your business or product. Or, for example, you can make a video ad and promote it on YouTube.

But Why Individually Targeted Marketing?

We can describe these two strategies we just mentioned above as multi-target marketing. Essentially, what it means is that while these options are relatively efficient in attracting new potential customers to your business, they are shallow projects that only aim to reach large groups of people. The idea here is very simple, the more people you reach, the more potential customers you get.

However, there is also a second approach to digital marketing, which we like to call “effectively-targeted individual marketing” or “individually targeted marketing”. This term basically refers to the idea that rather than reaching millions of random people to convince them to buy your product, you target specific groups of people, which increases the chances of getting potential customers, while also keeping things more special for these potential customers.

It has been proven by many different researches conducted by various trustworthy organizations that targeted marketing is always a better option when you consider ROI (return on investment). What this basically means is that if you focus on individually targeted marketing, you can get more potential customers that will eventually help you make more profit with the same amount spent on the marketing project, when compared to mass advertising. 

The reason for that is actually very simple, when you know who needs and would buy your products, it becomes a lot easier to sell them. Additionally, the more striking reason is actually offering your potential customers a personal experience, which means that by conducting individually targeted marketing, your potential customer will feel more special since they will know that you specially reached them and promoted your product to them, rather than publishing an advert that everyone can publicly see. 

Targeted Marketing Strategies

At this point, there are different ways of conducting individually targeted marketing. However, every different strategy in this marketing area has one specific must that doesn’t change; knowing who to contact. While there are many ways to do this, such as creating a subscription system or carrying out online surveys to understand who are the most probable group of people to buy your products, knowing who to reach is not the biggest concern in individually targeted marketing. Rather, it is the strategy you choose to follow while reaching these people. 

As we just mentioned, there are countless strategies to conduct individually targeted marketing. However, only four of them can be considered mainstream today. These strategies are:

  • Mobile Marketing (Promoting your products via phone calls or SMS)
  • Direct Mail Marketing (Physically mailing your potential customers)
  • E-mail Marketing (E-mailing your potential customers or subscribers)
  • Face-to-face marketing

While each of these strategies have uses, each also has disadvantages and downs to them. For example, people today tend to not even check their messages on their phones, or avoid phone calls from places that try to sell them products, since they find it disturbing and time-consuming. 

However, e-mail marketing is a little bit different. E-mail marketing doesn’t disturb your potential customers, nor does it make them think that you are wasting their time, because they know that you specifically chose e-mail marketing from the beginning to not disturb them or steal their time. 

But Why Email Marketing?

So far in this post, we told you the advantages of individually targeted marketing, but why should you choose e-mail marketing of all the strategies? Well, there are many reasons to that, and it would be more clear and understandable if we just list them below:

  • First of all, if you are an e-commerce website, or an online store owner, it means that you know or want to know the digital world. In today’s world, in the age of information, so to say, everything happens very quickly due to the non-stopping flow of information in our daily lives. This means that people tend to spend very little time on each piece of information, which also means that the fastest and easiest way is the best way for them to consider giving time to your promotion or advertisement. When they see a promotion brochure on their door, they don’t even look at what it says, mainly because it is time consuming to process the information on that piece of paper. There are images, pieces of texts, phone numbers, addresses, etc. However, in an e-mail, there is a distinct structure. There is a context, and a content. The people receiving the e-mail first look at the context; “what is this e-mail about?”. The topic section in the e-mail enables them to quickly understand why you are contacting them, and they will easily decide whether or not to spend a fraction of their time to look at the content of your mail or not. This context-content structure is very important, because it enables people to quickly process the piece of information and decide whether or not to proceed with it. 
  • As an e-commerce company or business, you would want to benefit from the advantages of the digital world. What we mean by that is, since you chose to set up an e-commerce website or a store page on the internet, it would be the most logical strategy to also carry out your marketing campaigns online. Your ideal target group is the group of people who are already familiar with the concept of shopping online, and it would be the most optimal and logical solution to also look for these potential customers online.
  • E-mail marketing enables you to establish long-lasting and trustworthy relations with your customers. Once you are able to succeed at reaching the right group of people that will be interested in your products, they will be eager to follow the news about your business and products, as well as upcoming or recently featured products, and the easiest and most efficient way to inform this specific group of customers is through e-mail marketing. 

Get Help With Email Marketing

While e-mail marketing is a very efficient and highly effective strategy, it can also be rather delicate and complicated. For this reason, working with a professional e-mail marketing company that understands your needs and desires can make the process a lot easier and smoother for you. And this is where INBOX comes to the equation. With INBOX, you are not only able to benefit from INBOX’s e-mail marketing tools that will help you greatly during the process and carry your marketing strategy to a new level, but you are also able to work with the professional and experienced team of INBOX, who can help and guide you through the process while you are writing the success story of your business.

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