Why Email Reputation is important for successful email marketing?

The success of email marketing, at first, completely depends on the email reputation. You can easily conclude that email falling to spam folder will not be read in most cases, that’s why even preparing the best newsletter can fail to address to receiver due to low Email Reputation.


Internet Service Providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on, tries to protect their customers, therefore, they have some security measures. By doing that good intended and bad intended written emails can be divided and customers can be protected. In that regard, email reputation is the critical term.


Email Reputation can be assumed as credit rating. When you go to the bank and apply to take a loan, they will first check your credit rating which is decided according to your previous financial activities such as income, expenditure, debts. You can also adopt the similar mechanism to Email Reputation. If you have a good record, then your IP address will be added to the whitelist of ISP’s.


There are 3 important terms about Email Reputation.The first term is bounce rate. It simply refers to the visitors which is eager to leave as soon as possible. You need to keep the bounce rate low so that they will spend more time on your website and explore other stuff. As you can see, the opening is not a limited term, for successful email marketing campaign you need to attract first and then incentive followers to spend more time and energy. The second term is complaint rate. If receivers complain too much about your emails and mark them as spam, then your reputation will decrease. The last term is spam trap hits, it is an account which is created to identify spammers. Spam Trap accounts are not used for real communication. It is a bait to hook spammers.


All of these terms; Bounce Rate, Complaint Rate, Spam Trap Hit should be low so that your email reputation can stay higher.

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