Ways to Improve Your Permitted List

Today’s subject is what can you do to expand it after you’ve created your permission list that we underlined in the previous podcast.

Probably after you’ve started e-mail marketing, you added firstly your current customers to your list when you built your list, and growing your list became a difficult situation because of known permission issue. But, by using the opportunities correctly, expanding your buyer portfolio with organically may not be as difficult as you think! Let’s take a look at the options that we have…

The most straightforward way to grow your list is sharing your content by your receivers with people around them. Don’t forget to produce contents that adds value to them for this. Moreover, after doing this, you can do more than just wait for your buyers to bring new subscribers to you every day. For example, you can organize small raffles between your subscribers and share discount codes with them. Also don’t forget to add a subscribe button for the addresses which are forwarded to your emails! Another way is creating different subscription models. All receivers in your list may not want to access the same type of content at the same interval. For this, creating sub-lists and groupings by segmentation gives them more control over the content they will receive, and this encourages them to subscribe. At the same time, for example, a recipient who is considering unsubscribing because he/she has received too many emails may try updating his subscription preferences instead.

While growing your list, it is also important to maintain its functionality. Regularly eliminating your list from inactive buyers will increase your response rates, thus it provides you being more focused on the goal and get more return on investment. INBOX regularly monitors this for you and reports the inactive receivers to you. There are also things you can do before you delete this group of receivers, for example, you can try to re-engage with more personalized emails.

Another way of growing list is putting subscribe option into your employees’ email signatures. Remember this simple rule: 80% of your future sales will rise from 20% of your current customers. For this reason, adding this into e-mail signatures of your employees who make many correspondence for business every day may add many people to your subscriber list.

What we’ve mentioned until now was more about what you could do in e-mail. Now let’s see what you can do with your content and other social channels.

One of the applicable tactics can be distribution of valuable content that requires subscribing to download. For example, marketing an almanac, e-book, or a report that provides insights about the sector for just your subscribers and maybe even to give ads on social media for this can be a quick way to take auidances who really interested into your lists. 

Speaking of social media, actually what must be done here is very clear. Don’t forget that putting subscription connections from appropriate social media channels according to your organization’s sector. In addition to mainstream social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it can also be sector specific channels that closely concer your business and your audience.


If we talk about your website,  placing an accessible subscription button and embed non-annoying pop ups in your pages for users who spend a certain amount of time on your site. Depending on the nature of your business, creating a subscription-based forum may be another useful tactic.

After all these steps which are applicable for your own e-mail marketing activity, you can consider collaborations and sales partnerships. You can advertise on pages that are appropriate for your target audience and you can get new subscribers by increasing your visibility in this way. 

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