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What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are individualized messages sent to a recipient, often initiated by the user and exempt from containing an unsubscribe link, as they are anticipated by the recipient.

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Ease of Analysis with Realtime Reports

Do your transactional emails take forever to arrive (or doesn’t arrive at all), leaving you frustrated? Not with INBOXNotify! Track every email that you send, from the beginning to end, and get your emails into inboxes without hesitating.


An understandable API

Our API is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it one of the most comprehensible APIs in the industry. We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring it’s not too complicated or annoying, and our users have given us positive feedback on its ease of use.

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Drag & Drop Editor + Rich Text Email Editor

Though building and managing email templates are wearing and time-consuming. That’s why we came up with a comprehensible template builder for you: Introducing: InboxBrush. Form simple text emails with the configuration capabilities of HTML. Add links, images, bullet points, and style text effortlessly.


Instant Deliverability

INBOXNotify boasts an instant deliverability feature, ensuring that your critical messages reach your audience’s inbox without delay, allowing you to effectively communicate time-sensitive information and strengthen your brand’s reputation for promptness and reliability.

More features to explore

With its abundant features, INBOXNotify enables you to save time and expand your business.

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