Tips For Successful Newsletter: Call To Action Button

All of us have a specific purpose for starting our email marketing campaign. We may inform our customers about new products, special offers or certain events. You have prepared your newsletter design, however, to reach our purpose, our customers need to engage our emails. In that sense, call-to-action (CTA) button is an effective tool to make your customers act. A wisely embedded CTA could dramatically increase your click-through rate. So, in this article, we will look at how to create an effective CTA button for your newsletter design.


The language you use for the CTA button is important. It needs to be attractive to your subscribers. It would be mistaken to use passive and weak language for your CTA button. The most common usage of that button is ‘Click Here’. Yes, it’s important to direct your subscribers and ‘Click Here’ button tells what to do in a way. However, you also need to mention about certain incentives or advantages in the wording. For example, ‘Get your discount code’, ‘Get started’, ‘Let’s Start’, ‘Start your free trial’, ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Learn More’ are a good example for how CTA button should be.

2-HTML or Image?

CTA button can be either build with HTML or design as Image format. Although image designs could be more stylish than HTML one, since HTML buttons will load faster and be more accurate than the image format, we recommend you using HTML button.

3- Where to place? What should be the size?

The wording is done, and we have decided on the type. So, the next step is where to place our button in our newsletter design and the size of it. We have simple rules here, you should avoid using big or small size buttons. It should be easily found and tap by the subscribers. The placement in the newsletter design is another important point for CTA. First, you should give the necessary information to your customers and then they should face the call to action button. If you think that your newsletter design won’t be short, then, it would be good to put CTA button early in the e-mail and end of it.

4-What about Contrast?

Almost we are done! The final stage of creating CTA button is selecting a button color that can fit the other colors in our newsletter design. In that sense, using contrast colors is important because our button will stand against the dominant color in newsletter design and catch your customer’s eye. Otherwise, they could miss the button or at least they have difficulty to notice the button.

So, those factors are the essential parts to create CTA buttons for our newsletter. You should keep in mind that CTA Buttons have the bridge role for our campaign. Therefore, you should create and use it effectively according to your email marketing campaign. Also, do not forget to test your newsletter design and CTA button before sending.

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