Tips for E-Commerce Web-Sites To Increase Newsletter Flow


Online newsletters are the most indivisible part of any marketing strategy in the 21st century. Their part and ROI in the digital marketing world expands every day. With the personalized methods to better increase the opening and click-through rates in email marketing, newsletters have gained even more importance for marketers in the last years.

The application of artificial intelligence is the most important characteristic of a smart campaign design for email marketing efforts. Since many companies, including INBOX has made it more practical to create astonishing newsletters via their creation tools, it is now a piece of cake for even a single entrepreneur to run his/her own campaign. Simply by drag-and-drop interface platforms and the merge of artificial intelligence to detect both user and customer behavior in email marketing, companies are now able to offer perfectly customized and tailor-made campaigns to their customers.

INBOXBrush here stands one step forward in applying artificial intelligence to campaign creation.

In this article, we gave tips especially for e-commerce web-sites who has the biggest portion in the email marketing sector’s customer portfolio.


Create a positive corporate image

To attract your subscribers, you need to have a professional, reassuring corporate identity. Also, the newsletters should be built on a high-quality template that complements your corporate image. Despite being the subject of another profession, the corporate image is important for email marketing, too.


Be simplistic in emails

Even if you offer a great deal or a big discount, be simplistic in your design. Don’t be eye-straining.

A newsletter that looks sharp and impressive generally attracts more people than another one that has lots of exclamation marks, flashes, red dots etc. Also, catchy words; such as “get”, “big”, “discount” are more prone to get tackled at the spam filters.

Another important note here is that the newsletters should reflect your corporate image. Just as it is important for marketing business, being a major player in this sector, email marketing should go in your own and unique way. For instance, if you make sales over your shops, make sure that your email newsletters are familiar with the shop’s design.


Use images rather than texts

It is a well-known thing that people don’t like to read long emails. So, instead of boring people and losing at open rates, use images and lead your subscribers to your web-pages for detailed information.

On the infrastructural side of the discussion, you need to know that more codes mean less passage through the spam filters. Hence, telling what you offer in a short and simple newsletter increases your chances to land in the inboxes of your subscribers.

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