Tips for Creating The Best Email Newsletter Template

It is easy and useful to create a newsletter for your email marketing campaigns. It basically reduces the number of tasks every time you crate a newsletter for your next email marketing campaign. Also, having a newsletter template is a good way to build a corporate identity for your subscribers.

In this article, you will find useful tips for creating the best newsletter template. First, let’s start with the dimension.


No larger than 650x

If you don’t use HTML coding or downloaded a responsive newsletter template, your dimension would have to be strict. If you create your own newsletter template, don’t go over 650x in width. Otherwise, on mobile devices it will cause compatibility problems. For instance your newsletter template may seem very very long; which is not something that your readers would look into.

Don’t make it very long

According to researches, readers spend only a few seconds in an email. Creating a long newsletter template is therefore not a good idea for marketing purposes.


Place your logo to the top left

Researches suggest that people look for a logo whenever they interact with a message, especially on email. The top left corner is the first place where they search for it. So, placing your logo to the top left is the best thing to do for better perceivability.

Place a call-to-action at the primary screen

Any newsletter should have call-to-action buttons that will take the subscribers to your web-site for further details and/or sales. If the call-to-action buttons stay beneath the first scroll, 70% of the readers will not even see it.

Although your readers have subscribed to your newsletters, they never show a lot of interest in what you send to them. That’s why you need give a catchy message at a glance. Your newsletter should lead the readers to take an action at first sight.


Use a single font

Select a font that would resemble your corporate style and constantly go with it. Using too many font types in a single email or changing it constantly creates a mess and makes you unrecognizable.

Use a color set

When creating a template, makes that there is a frame; which is a color that will be recognized with your corporate identity. In other parts of the newsletter template, use a color set that looks in harmony with this framework.


You would want your newsletter to look classy; so the selection of this color set is very important. Maybe you can test the template in the inner circle of your company; so to see the reactions of the readers when they first open the email.

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