Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before you start using INBOX services. By using INBOX services or by creating an account in INBOX, you agree to these terms of use. The information on this page is a legal agreement. First of all, we will start by explaining the expressions in this terms of use agreement.

INBOX (can only be referred to as ” service ”; or ” service provider ”), www.useinbox.com and www.inboxmailmarketing.com, providing service through the URLs, you can create e-mail contents and It is an e-mail marketing service that allows you to manage your mail marketing communication database and to deliver these contents via e-mail (also known as campaign delivery or bulk delivery) to individual recipients who have consciously provided their e-mail address information.

INBOX Internet Services Co. Ltd. Is the owner and operator of the INBOX product. Employees, contracted employees, contracted parties and representatives of the company in question are referred to as the INBOX Team. As the representative of an organization or person who is the beneficiary or beneficiary of this service, you are referred to as the “Customer” who has accepted this agreement.

This usage agreement (together with the anti-spam policy and privacy policy and the information in the legal page) determines the rules and conditions under which you can use INBOX as a Customer who has an account registered in INBOX. If you have any questions about these terms of use, do not hesitate to contact us.

1- General Rules

1.1 It is assumed that you agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Sending spam e-mails is legally prohibited and is also against INBOX terms of use. Email marketing is a permitted marketing method; therefore, the e-mail contact information of the recipients to whom e-mails are sent must have been obtained by authorized methods. An email sent (A) appeals to a large number of other recipients and in this case the identity of a recipient becomes irrelevant, independent of the content of the email; AND (B) is spam if the recipient has not provided the e-mail contact information in a verifiable form, clearly and consciously.
  • Sending e-mails to e-mail contact information purchased, rented or obtained from third-party persons or organizations is against the terms of use.
  • If a campaign submission gets more than 15% bounce (incorrect, incomplete or nonexistent e-mail address) points, INBOX has the right to freeze your account unilaterally. In case of repetition of the situation in any way, INBOX has the right to close your account without refund.
  • Accounts that carry out campaign submissions reported and / or detected by receiver servers, recipients or INBOX as being harmful are closed by INBOX without warning and without refund. Harmful content; means a campaign that contains files, images, links or texts for fraudulent purposes, redirecting to misleading landing pages, containing viruses / worms / malware, pornography, gambling or other illegal transactions.
  • INBOX is not responsible for any problems that may arise from the contact lists you upload as an INBOX user, the content of the contact lists and whether the persons are authorized or not. You can find information about the compliance of your contact lists with spam policies and permission here (Anti-Spam policy link will be added).
  • Additionally, it is strictly prohibited to use INBOX services for sending phishing emails or any other type of fraudulent email content aimed at scamming people. In case INBOX detects that a user is using the platform for such purposes, the account will be immediately closed without any possibility of a refund. Phishing emails can be defined as emails that are designed to trick recipients into providing sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal information. This type of activity is illegal and against INBOX terms of use. We take this matter very seriously and will not tolerate any user attempting to use our platform for illegal purposes.

1.2 What situations do we not allow ?:

  • Send ad content to people on your list by redirecting to multiple websites for making money online. (affiliate marketing)
  • Submitting to e-mail addresses for which you have not previously obtained consent / approval or sharing a link with affiliate marketing content to these people.
  • Backlink sales, backlink topics.
  • To share content that promises to be rich, such as making easy money, earning money by working from home. (affiliate marketing)
  • To share content on political content, cryptocurrency (bitcoin, etc.).

2- Account Rules

2.1 In order to use the INBOX product;

  • You are over the age of 18,
  • Complete the registration process,
  • Your acceptance of these terms of use,
  • You must provide accurate, valid and complete information.

2.2 By using INBOX, you accept and declare that you meet all of the criteria listed above. INBOX reserves the right to change these criteria at any time and not to provide services based on these criteria.

3- Scope of Validity of Terms of Use

3.1 These terms of use are valid from your registration to INBOX until your account is completely deleted. If you register to INBOX on behalf of an organization or person, you accept and declare that you approve the terms of use on behalf of this organization or person.

4- Closing an Account

4.1 Your party or INBOX may terminate this contract at any time by notifying the other party. INBOX may terminate its service to you at any time by stating or not stating a reason. If the service is closed for no reason, your payment will be refunded within the remaining usage rights of your previously determined plan. This refund will be made on the basis of the remaining usage day for monthly plans and remaining usage credit for annual credit plans. If your account has been closed in case of any violation of these terms of use, no refund will be made by INBOX. In case your account is closed, all data belonging to your account, including the e-mail addresses you have transferred to the system, will be removed from the INBOX database.

4.2 The data of paid accounts that do not have an active contract * (stopped working with INBOX) * are completely deleted from the system after 3 months in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Laws. In addition, the data of free accounts that have not logged into their account for 3 months are also completely deleted from the system in accordance with the KVKK, GDPR,CASL and CAN-SPAM Act.

5- Account and Password

5.1 You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the email address, account name and password from which you access your account. You are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this information for all accounts you can access, whether or not you are authorized to use it. If someone other than you accesses your account, although they are not authorized to use it, you must inform us without delay.

5.2 INBOX is not responsible for accounts that have been stolen or hacked. INBOX cannot see the password of any of its customers for security reasons and can only enable you to perform a password reset for security reasons.

5.3 There can only be one account belonging to a person, company or organization. Extra accounts opened to serve abuse will be closed by INBOX without question.

6- Storage of Data

6.1 Data of customer accounts that do not have an active package are stored for a maximum of 1 year. Users who want to receive additional data retention time are entitled to an extra year for an additional fee.

7- Disputes Regarding Accounts

7.1 INBOX cannot know the internal affairs of the organization that any customer is in and the personal relations of any customer; therefore, it cannot make a judgment on who owns an account. No person can request information and access from INBOX to access an account opened with an e-mail address that does not belong to him. In cases of disputes regarding accounts, persons requesting access and / or information must resolve this dispute with the party that created the account.

7.2 INBOX primarily takes into account the e-mail address that created the account, then the organization and / or person information contained in the e-mail content, and finally the contact information provided in the account information.

8- Payments

INBOX is a prepaid service provider. In order to receive any service, first of all, the fee clearly declared or included in the offer presented to the customer must be paid.

8.1 Monthly Plans;

  • Charges for monthly plans are clearly announced and included on the web sites of INBOX. These charges and plan coverage can be changed by INBOX at any time. Payments for monthly plans are made for one month period.
  • When the plan expires, the renewal payment is automatically created with the same pricing, with the same terms as the previous month. Even if the plans and pricing on the website have changed during this period, the customers have the right to continue with the plan they purchased the previous month, provided that they make the payment within the active period of the renewal payment. The period for the renewal payment is three (3) days. As of the fourth day, the renewal payment is removed. If a new plan is desired to be purchased after this period, the current plan and pricing will apply. When renewed, the contract is updated taking into account the contract start date.
  • When monthly plans are purchased, payment for the next usage period is not required; therefore, customers can stop using INBOX service whenever they wish. In this context, customers have the right to switch to a different plan after each usage period by paying a pre-determined fee.
  • There is no limit overrun as a result of the prepaid system; However, in case the usage needs change, customers can request a plan change by contacting the INBOX Team before their active usage period expires. Changes to be made within the active contract period are only allowed if a transition to higher packages is desired. In these cases, the price difference that will occur due to the plan change is calculated over the remaining days within the contract period. The plan change is made after the price difference payment is completed.

8.2 Pay As You Go (Annual Credit) Plans

  • Except for monthly plans, customers can opt for annual credit plans to send irregularly within one year. Details on the subject are available on the pricing and plans page of the website. Credits purchased under pay-as-you-go (annual credit) plans are valid for one year. In case of remaining credits at the end of a year, these will be deleted even if renewal is made.
  • Within the annual credit plans, customers can purchase additional credits at any time.

9- E-mail Verification Service with INBOXVerify

9.1 INBOX does not guarantee 100% correct results for the e-mail verification service it provides with its product named INBOXVerify. In addition, soft bounce (technically unreachable due to temporary reasons) e-mail addresses are not cleared in lists where verification is applied. This is because soft bounce addresses may become accessible once the temporary cause disappears.

9.2 If you want to benefit from INBOX services after e-mail verification, the total bounce address rate in the customer’s list before verification should not exceed 45%. Even if e-mail verification is applied to lists with bounce addresses above this rate, INBOX refuses to serve the customer because the bounce address at this level indicates that a list was not obtained with permission.

9.3 The INBOX Team has the right to refuse to serve the customer for lists suspected of not being provided within the authorized marketing rules.

10- Permission to Delete Contact List

First of all, let’s underline that this is only valid for collective lists to which you have been sent email.

10.1 If you want to stop sending e-mails to a person, you can mark that person as “unsubscribe” and add another address instead of this person. This way, you avoid the possibility of accidentally re-add and activating this person. Don’t worry, people who unsubscribe, hard bounce, and mark as spam won’t be included in your total contacts anyway.

10.2 According to the anti-spam laws, deleting the contact list and renewing the sent list completely is a process contrary to the nature of the authorized sending principle and is a method used by malicious people who send spam. Email marketing is a direct relationship between person and brand on the basis of permission. This system includes the information, records, and history of the contacts you send e-mails to. In this context, any data you delete may come up against you in the future if the person has a query about his past records. In this case, the records of that person must be kept by you.

For all these reasons, a whole contact list deletion is not directly allowed. However, if you still want to delete a posted list, if you contact the INBOX team with the reason for deletion. We will definitely help you.

11- Credit Cards

11.1 If customers wish to make a regular and contracted payment for monthly plans, they must place an automatic payment order. For this, a clear and written statement must be submitted in order to provide correct information of a valid credit card to INBOX and to receive monthly regular payments. This declaration can also be made via e-mail messages sent to the “useinbox.com” extension e-mail addresses of the INBOX Team. Customers can also perform the automatic payment order through their own banks, by transmitting the current bank information of INBOX. The customer is responsible for not receiving payment due to a credit card problem (insufficient balance, expiry of the card validity, etc.). For this reason, it is the customer’s responsibility to follow up the card and change the card information when necessary.

11.2 The person using the credit card for which an automatic payment order has been given accepts and declares that he/she is authorized to use this credit card and that the payments to be received from this credit card will not be rejected.

11.3 If the payment cannot be collected from the credit card, INBOX will contact the customer via e-mail or telephone contact information registered in the system. In this case, the customer’s account will be frozen until the payment is received.

12- Refunds

12.1 In the event that your account is closed and the service is stopped for any reason other than the reasons listed in these terms of use, INBOX will refund your payment for the last and active plan you paid. For any other reason, a refund cannot be requested from INBOX.

12.2. Accounts closed due to usage contrary to the Terms of Use will not be refunded.

12.3. For accounts that have never been used, the refund period is 7 days. If the plan you purchased has been used, no refund will be made.

13-Payments for Additional Services

13.1 INBOX offers services other than monthly and annual credit plans. These services, features, scope and pricing can be changed by INBOX at any time. The changes are updated on the website. As with sending plans, INBOX provides services within the prepaid system for additional services. If any of the rules in these terms of use is violated during the use of additional services, INBOX may freeze or close your account.


14.1 Ownership Rights of INBOX;

Customers must respect the proprietary rights (including patents, brands, service marks, business secrets and copyrights) owned by INBOX through its website and software. All trademarks, patents, products, software and copyrights belonging to INBOX belong only to INBOX Internet Services Co Ltd.’s knowledge and can be used within the allowed rules and conditions.

14.2 Customer Ownership Rights;

Customers acknowledge that they are authorized to use or own all materials used in their e-mails. INBOX can only use the materials that the customer protects the property rights as stated in these terms of use.

15- Right to View Email Campaign Contents

15.1 INBOX can examine, monitor, copy and distribute the contents of the campaign prepared and / or sent by its customer within its own company in order to prevent problems and create useful algorithms. Based on this monitoring right, INBOX can freeze or close the accounts of its customers that it detects to violate the terms of use.

16- Right to Access Customer Lists

16.1 INBOX declares that it will not share the e-mail contact information that its customers have transferred to its system with any third party. For security reasons, access of the INBOX Team to the lists in the customer account has been restricted. INBOX Team can provide limited-time access to customer lists only when necessary, in line with the customer’s clear and written approval via e-mail. During this period, the INBOX Team cannot use the lists of its customers to share with third parties.

17- Changing Terms of Use

17.1 INBOX reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time. In case of a change, the updated terms of use are added to the web sites of INBOX and the notification regarding the change is made to your current e-mail address provided to INBOX. If you do not close your account within ten (10) business days following the change, it is deemed that you accept the changes in the terms of use. INBOX reserves the right to change the website, its services or the features of its services at any time.


18.1 If you think that these terms of use have been violated by any INBOX customer, please report this by contacting us immediately.

18.2 If you have received a spam e-mail sent by an INBOX customer using the INBOX system, please report this by contacting the INBOX Team

18.3 If you think that an INBOX customer is using materials that violate your copyrights, please report this immediately by contacting us.

(The best way to find out if an e-mail is sent using the INBOX system is to make sure that the INBOX logo appears at the bottom of each e-mail. confirms that it has not been sent.)

19- Bandwidth / Throttling

19.1 You can use the bandwidth of INBOX only when performing e-mail marketing over the INBOX system. INBOX provides visual and data storage services only for this purpose. Therefore, visual and data cannot be stored in the INBOX system for different purposes.

  1. Compliance with Laws

20.1 When you become an INBOX customer, you acknowledge and agree that your use of the service will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. You need to make sure that your uses are in compliance with the law and relevant regulations.

20.2 You may not use the INBOX Services for any illegal transaction or action.


21.1 Limitation of Liability;

Within the laws and related regulations, you must accept full responsibility for all losses and violations caused by you during the use of the INBOX services and website. INBOX Internet Services Co. Ltd. and the INBOX Team cannot be held liable for any indirect, criminal, special or accidental damage, even in the event of a warning of negligence or damage under any circumstances. INBOX Internet Services Co. Ltd. and the responsibility of the INBOX Team cannot exceed the price paid for the service that the customer last purchased and is still valid.

21.2 Warranties;

In accordance with the laws and related regulations, INBOX offers all its services and all the materials it offers within the services as available to the customer and as declared on the website. Therefore, it does not offer any additional warranty, express or implied.

21.3 Compensation for Damage

As a customer, INBOX Internet Services Co. Ltd. and INBOX Team, including the attorney expenses arising from an application you have made due to the violation of these terms of use, you are deemed to have made a commitment in advance that all liabilities within the scope of “Limitation of Liability”. In addition, in the applications made by third-party persons or organizations, by you or any person who has access to your account with your password, due to any legal violation, including these terms of use, INBOX Internet Services Co. Ltd. and you make a commitment in advance that the INBOX Team will not be harmed.

21.4 Lawyer Expenses

If INBOX Internet Services Co. Ltd. If a lawsuit is brought against you for breach of the terms of use, it reserves the right to demand attorneys ‘expenses within the scope of the right to compensate the injustice or to claim the attorneys’ expenses within the scope of the rights deserved due to the damage caused.

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