3 Common Mistakes About Building Email List

     1. Sending Emails İrregularly You may start to build an email marketing list with great intentions, planning to send a weekly tip plus a longer monthly newsletter design, but when months slip by without email marketing emails, you … Read More

3 Ways To Grow Email List

Email marketing doesn’t work if you don’t build an email list to send your messages to users that are interested in your services or products. If you got email addresses from your previous customers, you have a great start point. … Read More

Ways to Improve Your Permitted List

Today’s subject is what can you do to expand it after you’ve created your permission list that we underlined in the previous podcast. Probably after you’ve started e-mail marketing, you added firstly your current customers to your list when you … Read More

4 Ways To Avoid Boring Your Email Subscribers

We all know that “send more, earn more” strategy make a ascent for short-range sells in the beginning but in the long run some subscribers may be bored and they want to unsubscribe from your list. There are many methods to balance … Read More

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