Sending E-Mail Is Simple, What About Delivering?

The number of people and business using INBOX getting increase. They want to keep in touch with their customers and run a successful e-mail campaign, therefore, sending e-mail become more crucial for them ever. This means that INBOX will be sending more e-mail, but, is it just about ‘‘sending’’ e-mails?

If we need to increase the sending capacity to send more e-mails, that’s the easy part, we can improve technical infrastructure to do so. However, the important point is to see that those e-mails landed in inboxes not spam folders. Therefore, deliverability is the critical point for us to focus on.

There are so many things that can trigger spam filters. Your e-mail may seem like phishing, you may be use unprofessional language, or the content could be harmful and so on. Besides, the other important point for spam filters is reputation (the IP ratings of the domains you send your emails from). Think about the banking system, we all have a score for our transactions, and if we want to take a loan from a certain bank, they will consider it by looking at our score. The logic is the same, email providers will check the reputation of server sending the e-mail and act accordingly.

To prevent the situation: Batch Processing

When some users want to send huge amount of e-mails to their customers, we first divide crowd e-mailing into different parts. After sending the first part, we get information about the process whether receivers spam that mail or landed in inbox. After the feedback, other parts will be sent and the e-mailing process will be done. Why we prefer to do in that way but not send them together at first? Because otherwise, receivers may send spam and major e-mail providers will blacklist the IP address and domain names.

Creating Your Own Server? Think again

Some people think that they can create their own e-mail server to get higher reputation, however, this idea doesn’t work and most probably ended up in the receivers’ spam folder because new e-mail servers starts with even below the zero-reputation score. Major e-mail providers take some measurement about the new e-mail servers to protect their users, because, not all new servers used for only innocent purposes but using malware to install e-mail software on user’s computer.

You can increase your deliverability rate by sending small amount (at the first place), but relevant mails to the receiver. Even those mails landed in spam folders, since the content of the mail is relevant to them, they will move it to their inboxes. Because of that, e-mail providers can see that they spam the wrong mail and you can increase the amount of e-mail to send.

Many business, and other enterprises choose to work with e-mail marketing platforms to make things easier for them. By using INBOX, they are passing beyond the e-mail marketing.

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