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Common questions

  • Can I send marketing emails with INBOXNotify?

    INBOXNotify is exclusively intended for sending transactional emails. Please utilize INBOX for any marketing-related emails. Employing INBOXNotify to send marketing emails may result in the deactivation and blocking of your account.

  • Is there a trial period?

    We have Forever Free Plan Once your account is approved, you can try all the features of the Forever Free plan and send up to 5,000 emails per month with a Forever Free plan. If you wish to send more emails, and enjoy the full INBOXNotify experience, you can upgrade to a Paid plan and get 50,000 emails per month.

  • Can I change my plan later?

    You can change your plan at any time! When you upgrade your plan, changes are applied immediately. When you downgrade your plan, changes are applied at the end of your current billing cycle.

  • What if I decide to cancel?

    If you no longer wish to use INBOXNotify, you may cancel at any time. Your subscription will remain active for the remainder of that month's billing cycle

  • What are extra emails?

    INBOXNotify ensures you can keep sending emails if you reach your monthly subscription quota. For example, an $30 subscription includes 50,000 emails. Any extra email sent above that allowance has a cost of $5 for a block of 1,000 emails.

  • What if I hit a limit on my free plan?

    Our free plan has a few limits per account: 1 domain, 7-days data retention, 1.000 API request. To increase your limits, and have the full INBOXNotify experience, you will need to upgrade to a Paid plan.

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