Prevention of Phishing Emails

Phishing emails needs to be to look very similar to the genuine emails coming from real companies. Phishing emails are designed to get your valuable information to access your accounts including banks . It is easier to steal from average user instead of  a big company which has significant resources to protect its online services from hackers. Therefore, users are becoming target of bad intended people who want to exploit with less experience on emails.


The. working mechanism is creating a newsletter or website similar to companies which introduce a deal or product. Especially, new products such as Iphone X would be more interesting for phishing email receivers. By doing that opening email will direct them to fake Url which is prepared to get their information.


During daily activities it is not easy to realize irregularities of website, therefore, people might enter their infos to these websites.


INBOX offers you a service which prevent phishing emails and protect your valuable information. We have solid Artificial Intelligence Engine which can detect and prevent phishing emails. Just trust our service and don’t be afraid of phishing emails!



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