Main Tips For Beautiful Newsletter Designs

Newsletters are a mayor tool used by businesses worldwide. It helps connect with your client in a fast way and promote your products. To make the most profit out of this powerful marketing tool you must have a visually amusing newsletter. Visually amazing newsletter have bigger chances of getting open rates.

Below you can see the main tps we have recollected to guarantee a visually amusing newsletter.

  1. A well written header is important

A header is one of the most important features of a newsletter.  A header most have the company logo, name and name of the newsletter. This header must include all of the mentioned details and placed on the top of your newsletter, INBOX has the right tools to help you design the most visually amusing header with all the elements necessary for an successful newsletter design.

  1. Make your design colors dependent on your logo

Every newsletter design needs a color. As your logo is part of your newsletter, why not use the same color? You can use your logos colors, designs and fonts throughout your newsletter makin it look more professional and well made.

  1. Use normal fonts

Many persons want to be creative using uncommon fonts. But for readability and compatibility reason better use standard fonts. The best standard fonts are: Calibri, Times new roman and Arial. With this fonts you can guarantee the best compatibility and readability in your newsletter designs.

  1. Use header for each section

As in any magazine or newspaper your newsletter should have a header or sub header for each segment of your newsletter. Your sub-header should be easy to identify. For this reason they should be a little bit bigger than the rest of your text and could be bolded or underlined for better visibility.

  1. Use one or two column

    If you are creating your newsletter design using INBOX newsletter design creator, think about using one column. Many person use cellphones and one or two columns makes it easier to read the content in mobile devices.

  2. Pictures are a must

Creating a newsletter is not only about bulk information in an confined space. It is actually the opposite. Having an balance between pictures and texts is an awesome resource for developing a good email design.

On your next newsletter design creation remember to place some pictures. Place some pictures that will give visual significance to your newsletter and relax the readers eyes.

In some cases the company or  business publicizing the newsletter has no pictures or visuals for their products. In that case just place a graph or chart that demonstrates your progress or even buy some pictures online to be placed in your newsletter.

Next time you create an newsletter design remember that you want to entertain your readers visually to promote open rates. For this reason remember to incorporate enough visuals and create a smooth design that will entertain and absorb your readers. Just follow the 6 tips you read and be on the right track for the creation of your next newsletter design.

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