Mailchimp Alternative

INBOX: A smart Mailchimp alternative

INBOX is a user-friendly Mailchimp alternative for people who want reliable and powerful email marketing features at a fair price. Pay for the email tools you need instead of paying extra for features you’ll never use.

Fair pricing

INBOX believes in transparent pricing and will notify you when you reach your plan’s limit. Another huge difference—you only pay for the subscribers you use even if they belong to multiple segments. And unsubscribed contacts are never counted!

Monthly email sends Unlimited Limited 500k
Method of counting subscribers Only active unique subscribers are counted Unsubscribed and duplicate subscribers are counted
Up to 1,500 subscribers 16$ 23$
Up to 5,000 subscribers 52$ 39$
Up to 10,000 subscribers 76$ 87$
Up to 25,000 subscribers 179$ 225$
Annual discount 30% None
Non-profit discount 30% 15%
Custom newsletter editor
Newsletter templates
Embeded forms
Subscriber management
Advanced automation
Unlimited segmentation Limited
Dynamic content
Connect a custom domain
A/B split testing
Auto resend
RSS campaigns
A/B split testing
Customer support 24/7 email support (email support included in free plan) 24/7 email & chat support (no support for free plan)
Transactional email service INBOXNotify Mandrill
Email verification INBOXVerify
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