– Anti Abuse Initiative –

INBOXShield is the abuse prevention system of INBOX. It collects information from billions of e-mails and keeps our system clean by guessing bad behavior in the campaigns before leaving the door.

By analyzing email campaign data, INBOXShield is constantly working on improving user behavior. INBOXShield suspends the account when it detects a suspicious activity and closes the account if it detects abuse after the examinations. By analyzing the email campaign data and taking into account evolving user behavior INBOXShield continuously works in the background. When a suspicious activity is detected, INBOXShield suspends the account and it closes the account if abuse is determined after the examinations.

INBOXShield analyzes your Lists

Billions of email addresses are scanned through INBOXShield to identify abusive uses. Our technology simultaneously keeps track of negative results (such as hard bounce and membership cancellations) and landing-click rates. This type of information flow shows the great picture of a campaign.

INBOXShield is scanning campaign content

By scanning the campaign your content and applying various variations, such as the spam URL, keyword phrases it contains, abusive use can is determined. We compile the generated black lists with the statistics we have collected and our own technology to determine whether an e-mail will cause the problem in the future.

INBOXShield examines user behavior

We are constantly reviewing and recording user behavior patterns. Every move you make to the preparation and posting stages of your campaigns is followed by INBOXShield. Every word used, every URL structure is analyzed, and we take precautions for any content that is blacklisted.

INBOXShield affects you positively

Because our technology prevents abuse on such a large scale, you get better accessibility. It makes trouble-free submissions and you get maximum efficiency. Thanks to INBOXShield we have created a self-controllable and precautionary system.

INBOXShield is becoming more intelligent every day

We thank INBOXShield. Until today, we have instantly identified the accounts created for hundreds of abuse purposes and we have taken measures without any harm. INBOXShield develops itself in advance to prevent any kind of damage to the system infrastructure through its ever-evolving artificial intelligence and expanding database.

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