How To Write Subject Line For Your E-Mails To Be Opened More

The number of emails sent every day, increase in sales volume with email techniques and the effect of emails on consumer’s decision process is increasing the importance of email marketing among the digital marketing techniques and enhance its position.

In that sense, email is one of the most effective tools that enable firms to stay in touch with their customers, strengthen their relationship and ensure the customer loyalty. However, if your customers are not open your emails, you will miss the huge sales opportunity.

So, we need to do something that encourages receivers to open your emails. Email subject line is the key factor to increase your open rate. Yes, at first, it is not an easy thing to write a good subject line to boost your open rate and that’s totally OK. In this article, you will find some advice to write a good subject line for your emails.

  • Your Subject Line Should Pique Receiver’s Interest.

Research has shown that subject lines that are piquing receiver’s interest have higher open rates. It should make the receivers if they are not open that email, they will probably miss something, or cannot learn that information. As human beings, most of us have curiosity and we need to write a subject line that stimulates that curiosity.

  • It Should Make Receivers Fear to Loss

The elements you will use in your subject line may give a reason to your customers to act now. For example, you can state in the subject line that you are running out your stocks, last chance to get this product at this price, the campaign is about to end etc. So, this type of subject line definitely increases your open rates.

  • Benefit Driven Subject Lines

It is a good strategy to write subject lines that make receivers to think that opening that email will be advantageous for them. Also, people are curious about the new things for them. Therefore, it will increase your open rates if receivers see from the subject line that they could learn more if they open the email. So, make your receivers feel that the content of the mail beneficial for them.

  • Don’t Misguide your Customers with Subject line

Your subject line needs to be compatible with the content of your email. Otherwise, if you trick your customer with misleading, they will most probably unsubscribe or mark your email as spam. Your subject line, therefore, should tell your customers what’s inside that email.

So, it is important to use your creativity while writing your subject lines because most of the email receivers decide about opening email by looking subject line. You will see that those factors will be beneficial for your emails to be opened more.

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