How to Write a Marketing Email: 5 Tips for Writing Email Content

As we mentioned in our various blog posts before, email marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways of advertisement. With over 4 billion users, email is one of the biggest mediums for both communication and advertisement. It is also very efficient in terms of time and money. In fact, email marketing has one of the highest ROI rates among all advertisement mediums. For this reason, almost all great tech and internet companies write marketing email and run email marketing campaigns. They spend millions of dollars every year on these campaigns. However, it is not necessary to spend millions to have a successful email marketing campaign. 

Not all companies have great budgets for advertisement of their products or business. And email marketing is a great opportunity for these companies too. With the right approach and intellect, anyone can run a successful email campaign with almost no budget. And one of the most important conditions of running an email marketing campaign correctly is by writing your marketing emails correctly. For this reason, in this blog post, we will look into this topic. We will be informing you about writing a marketing email. And we will also be giving you 5 tips on writing a good marketing email that will carry you to success. 

But in order for you to fully understand and apply our tips correctly, you should first know what exactly a marketing email is. 

What Is This Article About?

What Is A Marketing Email?

In order to understand what a marketing email is, you need to be aware of the term ‘’Email Marketing’’. 

With email marketing, customers on your email list can be informed of new products, deals, and other services through. Educating your audience about the benefits of your brand or keeping them interested in your content in between purchases can also be a more persuasive strategy. How this system works is very simple. Every email marketing campaign runner has an email list. This email list consists of the people that have subscribed to their campaign. The runner can send emails to these subscribers via this network. 

Any email that promotes a product, business, sales campaign, or a similar element is considered a marketing email. And there are certain standards to writing a marketing email in order for it to be acceptable and effective.

5 Tips For Writing A Good Marketing Email

Apart from the standards that we mentioned above, there is also plenty of room for campaign runners to be creative and innovative in their emails. And being creative and innovative can make a great difference and help your campaign stand out among the others. For this reason, further in this article, we will inform you about both the essentials and the creative side of writing a good and effective marketing email. 

Define Your Brand Voice/Approach

Defining a certain approach in your email marketing campaign is very important. Because persistence in voice and manner is a very valued element by customers. For this reason, defining a brand voice or approach and writing every email according to this vision can be beneficial. 

Apart from an approach, defining a certain vision or slogan, and acting accordingly is also important. For example, determining a sales strategy such as ‘’quality before quantity’’, planning according to this, and reminding your subscribers this in your emails can help you greatly. This level of persistence creates a strong business profile for your company. 

Be Brief

In the age of technology, most people have a very short attention span. Many researches and surveys show us that the average attention span of an internet user towards a piece of media is less than 30 seconds. This means that you have less than 30 seconds to gain the interest of your subscribers. To do this, you need to be brief in your emails and cut to the chase directly. You need to state only the most necessary and vital things at the top of your email. You also need to have a both self–explanatory and interesting title for your email. Because remember, your subscribers will be looking at the title of the email before clicking it. 

Be Genuine And Original While Writing A Marketing Email

While writing a marketing email you need to ask yourself ‘’how can I stand out among my competitors?’’. You should always keep in mind that there are thousands of competitors out there trying to do the same thing as you. To be able to stand out among them, you need to think out of the box. You need to be genuine and original. Think of what would interest you if you were a subscriber for example, while writing a marketing email. This way, you can know what might interest your subscribers, and how you can gain their attention. 

Make Use Of Personalization

There’s one thing we mention in almost all of our posts: personalization. Making your subscribers feel special by personalizing your emails creates a big difference in increasing their interests. There are many ways to personalize an email, but you can start by taking a list of simple but effective steps:

  • Address your subscribers by their name
  • Start campaigns according to the shopping habits of your subscribers
  • Show them you know what they love (for example, create a sublist of subscribers who have bought the same product, and write them an email saying ‘’we know you love this product of ours, so you might want to take a look at this product!’’
  • Celebrate your subscribers’ birthdays and holidays

Do Audience And Competitor Research

Knowing your audience and your competitors is a huge necessity in improving your marketing email copywriting. For this reason, carrying out research targeting your competitors: what they do and how they do it is vital. Also carrying out surveys every once in a while to your subscribers regarding their thoughts on your brand can help you get accurate feedback and act accordingly. 

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