How To Use Growth-increasing Tools Effectively?


There are so many methods for getting leads in the entrance and raising conversion rates. You just need to know where to seek. You can make one small change to your ad copy, for example, and see instantaneous results. You can perform this with any aspect of the customer journey to assure that you are creating the best probable occasion for your customers by using growth increasing tools. 

INBOX is a tool that allows you to easily make these adjustments throughout the marketing funnel. It offers a variety of standard growth tools that you’ll love to use! Things like transactional emails, automation, landing pages, and welcome emails can all be used as growth-increasing tools. 

Here are some simple, basic, and creative ways to accelerate your growth with INBOX.

1. Reports to learn and react for growth

The feedback that you’ll get from your contacts is one of the best ways to develop products and businesses. Listen to your customers and find out what they are keen to pay for. This is the most valuable data that you can reach for your business, as it allows you to form your product in a way that will meet your customers’ needs. If you meet your customers’ needs with your product, they are likely to convert. 

If you are a garments e-commerce business, ask your customers what you should do next. If your customers say they want more t-shirts, offer them what they ask for!

2. Landing pages for conversion

Your homepage may not always be the best-converting page on your website. Landing pages are remarkably effective when it comes to increasing your conversion rate, especially if you are running paid advertisements.

Landing pages are amazing because they are highly customizable. It’s often beneficial to have standalone landing pages that you can optimize for conversions. If you think of your homepage as the all-encompassing company you want your customers to see, then a landing page is the very specific message you would like your customers to take action on. That’s because you can optimize landing pages for conversion by tailoring the language to the user’s intent.

You can also customize landing pages to include the same wording as your ads to confirm your message is the same across all platforms.

For instance,  you can use the same keywords as the Google Ads user that you are targeting to ensure that your messages remain consistent and effective throughout the time the user spends in your sales channel. If the user is searching for “the best email marketing tool,” you need to make sure your landing page contains headlines and content that match that search statement. Thereby, this is crucial for your page to be recognized and stood out.

3. Forming highly promising welcome emails for growth

Welcome emails are the most important email type you will ever send to a subscriber. They provide your customer with a highly personalized, specific introduction to your product. And if all goes well, you may even have a conversion!

How to hook their attention?

Give readers something of tremendous value. In your first email, you need to give readers a reason to open the following messages. If you have a good strategy or method, share it. If you have an outstanding product that solves a big problem, feature it. And if you are offering a one-time discount on your incredibly valuable product, be sure to mention that detail as well. Ultimately, the goal should be to get users to open your email and engage with it.

Explain to them how they can use your product. Do not presume that users who entered their email on your website know how to use your product. People do not always read the fine print, so you need to make it easy for them to understand what they’re receiving from you. This could be a simple infographic or a bold block of text with instructions. Therefore, make sure your readers know exactly how to properly interact with your brand or product.

Visually, your first email needs to be impressive and stand out from the others. For instance using your founders, customers, or members of your team to humanize your company for your customers. It can also be advised to have a creative professional review the design structure of your email to make sure you have not made any absurd design decisions.

Increasing conversion rates

I hope this article has given you a good starting point. Just make sure you give your web visitors a generous opportunity to convert.

Try to get to know your customers by asking them what they would like to prefer and see regarding your product, so you can be sure you are making the best product possible. Create landing pages so that your customers have a steady experience with your business.

Surely, you also need to make your customers feel welcome and happy to engage with your emails! That starts with a superb welcome email, but eventually, you remember that you need to keep them engaged with eminent email marketing throughout their customer journey.

Ultimately, INBOX has everything you need to increase your conversion rate and soar your growth.

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