How to Increase Loyalty and Build Deeper User Engagement

Email Marketing Loyalty Program

Is teleportation possible? In quantum world, maybe. In email marketing world? Absolutely! I mean not physically – yet – but a quality email marketing strategy will teleport you to your target audience’s inbox and boost their loyalty. Isaac Asimov would be proud!

Anyway, the main thing is not to reach peoples inbox, it’s to be regular there. It is estimated that by 2021, 316 billion emails are sent each day. So, you have to do extra work to be seen and to be here to stay.

So, what are these extra works to boost customer loyalty and build deeper user engagement? Let’s see together.

Square their shoulders to use your product or service

Everything starts with curiosity. When we see a product or service, we first observe and research it. If you give people who are curious about your product a chance to try, you will get a great return. This could be a discount coupon or a free trial or maybe, an e-book.

If the services you offer meet their needs, they will continue to use them anyway. However, do not leave your users alone with the product. Support your users and answer their questions with training videos and help pages.

You can create an automation workflow to send coupon, trial or e-book automatically to your new subscribers but this is only the first step, now you should build deeper engagement. Let’s get going.

Show them you’re always there for them with follow up emails

There may be people who haven’t seen the exclusive offers you’ve sent, or those who haven’t used them yet. You can get their attention by sending them a reminder email.

For your users who took advantage of your offer , you can send a thank you e-mail and show them that they can reach you anytime if they have a question. This will be appreciated by users and will increase their loyalty to your brand.

Content is the key

In our previous articles, we talked about the importance of the newsletter. Anything that appeals to the eye, appeals to the heart and the brain. Here’s few tricks to attract more people’s attention.

People want to be seen. You can easily personalize your emails and send emails with users name or other informations.This will have a positive impact on your open and click rates.

You can add extra spice to the email by making it a personal note from an account manager, service center employee or even the CEO.

People don’t read long and detailed emails. So, keep your content brief and to the point.

Make your users happy by sending them birthday and anniversary emails. Happy users = Extra Loyalty

Do something extra for your VIP users

After what we have written so far, you should analyze your database. By segmenting your users, find your VIP users who use the system the most and invest the most in your system or services and offer them exclusive offer.

What could that be? Maybe extra discount, free services or free shipping. VIP users are the warp and woofs of your system. Keeping your VIP users by your side is as important as reaching potential users.


  1. Encourage people to test your product or services freely.
  2. Send follow-up emails and let your users know that they can always reach you.
  3. Personalize your emails and create eye-catching newsletters.
  4. Don’t forget your VIP users.

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