How to Choose Best E-Mail Marketing Solution For Your Campaign

After having decided about creating your own email marketing campaign, you need to choose a suitable platform because it provides you the email marketing solutions you want. However, when you start looking the best platform, you will see that there are so many options. So, what will be the important criteria for choosing the best platform which provides you the best email marketing solution?

  • It should be easy to use

E-mail marketing companies will offer you two options; self-using or full-service agency. When we consider the self-using, the software should be easy to use. You have paid for that services, however, it is too complicated. This means wasting your time and money. Therefore, you should test it before purchasing.

  • Price/Performance

Price/performance could be the most important part to choose best email marketing software. Pricing should be reasonable for the features they provide. You should check all the features you need to use and pricing. Then, you can make a comparison with other firms. This will give you an idea of choosing the best platform for email marketing solution.

  • Newsletter Design

Newsletter design is the essential part of the email marketing campaign. So, there needs to be a section that you can design your own newsletter. Yes, it could be hard to create a newsletter because of that it should provide an easy to use tool. With INBOXBrush, you can create beautiful newsletters with drag/drop method in minutes.

  • Reviews

When you do online shopping, before purchasing a product, most probably you look to the review section. Because it may give the idea about the product. So, you can look at the reviews about the product. Also, customers of those email marketing firms could be a good reference to you.

  • Support

You need to be sure that technical support is offered. Responsive and quick technical support is favorable. Also, you can also check FAQ section, the responses to those questions are also important criteria.


INBOX provides all features you want. You can create mobile-friendly, easy-to-use newsletters in minutes. Fast, effective and simple. Send your e-mails to targeted receivers, get advanced reports and shape your future sendings accordingly.


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