How To Boost Your Sales With Email Coupons


Want to increase your sales? Email coupons could become the star of your campaigns. Plus, they can strengthen your brand and increase engagement if used correctly.

Remember when people used to cut coupons out of magazines, cereal boxes, flyers, and newspapers?

We all love to see discounts and promo codes right? On average, people redeem a whopping 30 billion electronic coupons per year which makes digital marketers and retailers dancing on the rooftops! So if you are running a business, email coupons definitely should be on your list as one to watch.

Let us learn more about the different types of email coupon codes and their benefits before we look at how you can create your own effective email coupon campaign.

What are email coupons?

Email coupons are vouchers or promotions that you can freely send to your subscribers. They usually contain a special offer designed to entice your target audience to make them purchase.

Other offers, such as free shipping, make customers more likely to reach for their credit cards because they know they’ll save money on shipping. Coupon codes make your product or service more alluring.

Are email coupons suitable for your business?

If you sell a product or service, couponing can be an effective tool. Email marketing coupons are a great way to drive sales and increase interest in your business. Here are some benefits you should consider:

Increase sales: thanks to coupons and discounts, 38% of customers bought more than they actually intended to because they felt they were saving money. 

Convert abandoned carts: with a personalized offer sent directly to the customer’s inbox, you can encourage them to revisit their cart.

Build brand awareness: Businesses can set up referral programs, along with coupons that can be shared via email and social media.

Create urgency: you can add countdown timers to your coupon newsletter to increase conversion rates.

Get some insights for your business: A coupon or promo code may be used as a prize for concluding an email survey.

Email Practices for Coupon Codes

There are plenty of different types of email coupons. Before you choose one, think about what your target audience wants and what problems they have. Do they want a discount when they make a purchase? Or would they be happier to receive free delivery? If you are unsure, you can test them out immediately!

Before that, let’s take a look at the different types of coupon codes and examples.

1. Free gift vouchers

If you want to retain your customers, reward your VIP customers with an extra treat like a coupon for a free product or sample. This is a great way to show your appreciation. A free voucher can act as an incentive to spend more money.

2. ‘BOGO’ Coupons

Yes, it’s a humorous word! ‘BOGO’ stands for ‘Buy One, Get One’. This high-value coupon gives your customers a free product when they make a purchase. For instance, a coffee shop’s coupon code offers customers a free drink when they purchase a qualifying item, so they get even more value for their money. 

3. Multiple discount coupons

If you want to increase your revenue, even more, you can increase the discount in proportion to how much your customers spend.

4. VIP email coupons

If you want to make your email subscribers feel special, why not offer them a VIP discount code for their next purchase? VIP Loyalty programs can go a long way in increasing sales, mainly because they make your customers feel good and show them how much you appreciate them.

5. Coupons for free shipping

Free shipping over a certain price is a popular purchase incentive. Did you know that 65% of online retailers offer free shipping on at least some of their products? That’s because conversion rates increase with free shipping! It gives your customers an extra incentive to checkout.

6. Email signup coupons

Sign-up coupons are a great incentive for people to join your email list. Set up a form or pop-up on your website promising a special discount or free shipping for the first order, and watch subscribers flock!

7. Discount coupons

These are the most commonly used email coupon types. They allow your subscribers to pay a reduced price for your product by using a special link or code. 

The days of newspaper coupons and collecting flyers are long gone, and email coupons are all the rage. Get ahead of the current trends in email marketing by including discounts and coupons in your newsletters. Your subscribers will be overjoyed! Don’t forget to try out using email coupons in your newsletters!

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