Email Marketing Templates: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Email marketing is better with elegant and shapely newsletters. However, it may be hard to create a beautiful newsletter that is optimized in all displays; so, ready-to-use email marketing templates are an easy way out for having just that.

There are thousands of platforms that offers free or paid newsletter templates. In fact, there is a designers market in the internet where anybody can pay to download ready-to-use templates instantly and get to work. When choosing a template in such a wide market, there are a few things to note.


Choose responsive templates

The most important criteria for choosing an email marketing template must be its responsiveness. There are hundreds of different displays with different technological configurations. Without responsive templates, email marketing campaigns would look funny on different devices. Responsiveness provides automatic fitness to any type of screen when an email is opened. It basically includes two versions of a newsletter, one for mobile devices and another for desktop. When the email is opened, it converts to the right version for the best display result.

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Make sure that the template is adjustable

You would not want to deal with a template that is not possible to change. Although it is expressed as ‘ready-to-use’, no template is ready to send by itself without changes on it, obviously. To create a beautiful template for your email marketing campaigns, it is important to change it in a way that resembles the corporate identity of your enterprise. Therefore, any module win the downloaded template must be adjustable.

If you choose to work with Photoshop, it is better if the template comes in easily adjustable, well-categorized layers instead of a bunch of sets of figures.


Best format is HTML designs

Photoshop and other types of design tools might seem to free you for imagination; but, they can only produce newsletters in a picture format. And, pictures cannot be responsive.

Best format for a ready-to-use email marketing template is HTML design that can be copied and pasted on the newsletter creation tool of whichever email marketing platform you use.

When choosing the right HTML design, make sure to check the production date of the work so that it complies with the latest technological standards. Since technology changes everyday, standards of best HTML codes changes respectively.


Or… Try INBOXBrush for free now!

You better not bother yourself with all these details, HTML codes, responsiveness, latest standards and all that… INBOXBrush is a drag/drop-based newsletter design tool. With hundreds of modules in it, you can create a beautiful, mobile-optimized and responsive newsletter design in minutes!

INBOXBrush also offers ready-to-use templates that are designed for certain business sectors. These sectoral-divided newsletters are unique to email marketing.

INBOX Team keeps enhancing INBOXBrush’s both template and image library; so, there is always something to develop for your email marketing campaigns. Moreover, the team regularly updates the modules for best responsiveness and fitness to the latest standards. So, you don’t have to deal with anything but to create the best design.

You can now start using INBOXBrush for free! Add 500 subscribers to your account and send 5.000 emails per month to try.

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