Delicious! Email Marketing For Restaurants

Email marketing for restaurants

The importance of the email marketing for restaurants cannot be denied. There have been many moments when we’ve all been hesitant about where to eat out, and in these moments, it’s clear what we mostly do; ask the search engine. The benefits of a well-developed digital world policy for restaurants is enormous. So what is the role of email marketing in this policy? Today we have some answers to this question, let’s find out!

How to Use Email Marketing For Restaurants?

Email marketing for restaurants is a key especially in this new normal era. We highlighted something in our previous post email marketing for small business; An effectively used email marketing strategy can bring you the success. Email marketing is mostly not a sales or customer finding tool. Restaurants mostly find their customers through search engines and their presence on maps and applications where restaurants are rated and commented on. Although email marketing is also used to find new customers, its main goal is to act as a bridge between you and your existing customers.

The new normal has led to great changes in the habits of restaurants and their customers. Within the scope of the measures taken, time restrictions were imposed in many restaurants in many countries or physical activities were stopped due to curfews. As a result, most restaurants were empty and started to serve homes via courier.This means that the more solid you are in the digital world, the better you are in the scope of the new normal.

Being able to communicate with people familiar with your restaurant, who have self-identified as interested in your offers is a valuable asset.  Email’s difference from social media platforms is actually here. With email, you can communicate with your customers one on one without an intermediary platform. You can give them special deals so you can keep them close to you. Here’s some tips about what you can do for them.

1) Special Offers

Email marketing for restaurants should not be just about advertising. One of the most powerful channels to distribute deals and promotions is an email list. Make sure your customers have current menus while enabling them to be on your list by offering them exclusive deals outside the publicly accessible pizza promotions. Any deals will be well received by your customers and might even lead them to take advantage of your specials on that day.

Especially in this period when financial problems arise, showing your customers that you have not left their loyalty unrequited is an important element that will take you one step ahead.


Segmentation is a very important part in email marketing for restaurants. It should not be forgotten that everyone’s habits are different. Every customer comes in a different direction of you. It is important to understand their needs and habits here. Segmentation is the key to your email marketing strategy for your restaurant.

With segmentation, you can respond to the needs of all your customers individually, and in return, your opening rate and returns will increase, your customers’ interest in you will increase and you will be their first choice in the next order.

As an example of segmentation;

a) Online orderers.
b) Those who prefer a vegetarian diet.
c) Those who pay by credit card.

For example, in these examples, you can talk about options for online payers. Send a vegetarian menu to those who prefer a vegetarian diet. Disclose points opportunities to credit card shoppers. And as a result, you will see increased returns to you.


A well-planned and followed retargetting strategy will not only bring you customers, but also increase your sales significantly. For example, if you send a discount coupon mail to a customer who has entered your website but gave up while in the basket, the probability of returning will increase.

You can use marketing automation systems to develop a large scale retargetting strategy. With tools such as Google analytics, your relationship with your customers will become stronger with this method, which you will create by analyzing which page your customers leave or how much time they spend on which page, and analyzing your customers’ habits.

4) Send Newsletters Regularly

Regular mailing to your customers and reminding yourself is important. Considering that we get hungry very often during the day, a regular reminder email, your menus, your campaigns will make you a good option in the eyes of your customers.

Of course, the content of the e-mails you send should not always be the same. Keep your designs and the content of your campaigns constantly updated and create different designs with different strategies.

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