Email Marketing Can Help Boost Ranking

Do you know what does email marketing emails have to do with SEO? You may not know the relationship between these two platforms. But email marketing emails actually helps boost SEO and website rankings in many different ways.

Organic search and email marketing email are the two main channels which lead the most traffic to your website. According to research, 51 percent of people discover websites by email marketing.

Emails do not have a direct connection to impact your website SEO or rankings. But, you are able to leverage email marketing as a tool to encourage and promote others to help improve your website rankings. Here is how can you do:

     1. Building more social signals

The social activity of a link absolutely affects websites’ ranking on Google, even if Google never admitted it publicly. Building social signals are an important part of SEO.

Making people to share your content on their social media accounts is the hard part. But, if you have an email list, it will be easier.

You can send newsletter designs to ask your loyal subscribers to share the link when you publish new blog posts. Or instead of this, you can put social sharing buttons in your newsletter design.

     2. Reducing bounce rates

Bounce rates are one of the important statistics which factors into Google ranking. Bounce rates determine whether or not a website offers relevant information to visitors.

If a visitor of your website immediately leaves without taking any action or visiting any additional pages, that is counted as a bounce.

Having an email marketing list filled with subscribers that have already shown interest in your website then whenever you publish a new post, you are able to send a reminder to your subscribers to generate high-quality traffic to your website and reduce your bounce rate.

     3. Creating online email archives

Some businesses and bloggers craft unique newsletter designs to keep their subscribers entertained. But these newsletter designs often get forgotten after you hit send. There is a way to repurpose them to improve SEO.

With creating an online archive of your newsletter designs and letting your visitors browse your past newsletter designs, you can make the most of your efforts.

Also, you can convert your newsletter designs into PDF files and host these files on your website in an archive.

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