Email marketing: a success story for a startup

Email marketing for a startup

If you are an owner of a startup or a small business idea, chances are that you would need to market your brand and, believe it or not, email marketing is still the way to go. An effectively used email marketing strategy can take you further from where you are. With the boom of social media came the rise of social media marketing campaigns, which often work, but they are not free. Marketing costs, which you cannot afford as a small business owner with a limited budget, should not make you lose your hope just yet.

Even in 2020, emailing your potential customers is still the right way to proceed with marketing your new website, online shop, or a small startup. Apart from being virtually free, email marketing takes the algorithms out of the equation and lets you have a one on one with your clients. This leads to better relations with your customers, which are crucial in taking your small business to the next step.

Creating emailing strategies can seem tricky at first but here are some tips which you, as a small business owner, can use to transform your idea into a success:

Creating Mailing Lists

One of the first things you need to do to market your small business through email is to create a list of people who can be potential or current customers. Finding people to add to this list can be done in various ways. Websites often display popups on their webpage in various locations urging people to sign up. Try to come up with funny and quirky messages to catch your viewer’s attention. Try to encourage people to sign up by offering them free online magazines and company newsletters which promise promotions and discounts. Make sure to always have a signup discount at the top of every page on your website to attract more people.

Use Free Online Tools and Platforms for Bulk Emailing

In email marketing, both, quantity and quality of emails play a big part in promoting your small business. As a budding entrepreneur on a budget, you can use online bulk emailing tools to gain prospective customers to add to your lists. Often these softwares and tools have a free option that you can use to your benefit at the start and you can decide to pay for the more comprehensive plans once you have enough customers.

Send them Regular Newsletters

Now that you have created a list of people interested in your business, you need to keep them engaged to get more leads and to generate more sales. You can do this by sending newsletters regularly and updating them to keep them invested in your shop. You can also increase traffic on your website by offering them discounts and freebies. Another way to gain more audience is to add referral discounts in emails and this will market your startup through word of mouth alone. You need to make sure that the content in your emails is interesting and catchy, stay away from stuffing texts. Of course the design of your email newsletters is also of great importance, it is always good to appeal to the eye.

Make your Emails Mobile-Compatible

It should not come as a surprise to you that the majority of the population in 2020 uses their smartphones to check their emails. Therefore, you, as a competitive entrepreneur, need to make sure that your newsletters and sign-ups are easy to use and navigate for cellphone users. Try to make the popups mobile-compatible as well and make sure to test your interface on free emulators which can be found online. You don’t wanna be losing customers because of these trivial mistakes.

Run Multiple Email Marketing Campaigns

A campaign is basically a bunch of planned emails that you predesign and send out at different intervals to promote your business. Since you are starting out with a new idea, you don’t necessarily know what will attract people to your shop. One way to gauge public interest is by creating more than one campaign and see which one attracts the most traffic. However, once you find a profitable campaign, don’t stick to that forever until you run it to the ground. Public opinions can change and therefore your online commerce and your marketing strategies should change with it.

Try to Apply Different Filtering Strategies

One way that you can really screw up your email lists is by getting yourself marked into spam. Although you can promote your business for free through emails, you can easily offend uninterested people by constantly spamming them. Get rid of this problem by letting them unsubscribe easily and make them feel like they are still the owners of their inboxes. You can use online help from different bulk emailing softwares to see who is interested and who is uninteresting in your business.


 It is not easy to be an entrepreneur in these competitive times, especially when many of the small businesses and startups are crushed by big corporations with huge marketing budgets. But if you act smart and use simple emails and the tools and softwares available at your disposal. You can end up making a profit in less than no time.

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