The Easiest Newsletter Creation with INBOXBrush

Email marketing has the best ROI among any marketing method. With INBOXBrush, it is now easier, cheaper and accessible for everyone. Even for smallest entities that don’t have a marketing department.

Within minutes, anyone can create smartly designed, mobile-optimized newsletters for their email marketing campaigns. Simply by drag-drops, the user-friendly interface of the system allows users to have a smooth digital marketing experience. It is error-free thanks to HTML structure that is coded in compliance with the WC3 standards.


Newsletter Creation in the Mobile Era

The mobile age is a constantly evolving one. The devices and their standards change uninterruptedly. Each day, important brands like Apple, Samsung etc. bring out a new model that dominates the market in a short while; therefore, complying with the standards in this new era is a hard task to follow.

Email marketing campaigns are to directly interact with the people on your lists. The purpose is to get people see, read and take action on what you send to them. So, if they cannot see what your message is, because what you have sent is not optimized in design for their devices; then the whole investment would become a waste of money.

INBOXBrush allows you to create newsletters that are compatible on any device. All you have to do is to open INBOXBrush Newsletter Creation Tool on INBOX’s panel and drag/drop the modules you like. You can then test the results with a test sending. The results will be surprising.

The time of creating a newsletter on an editing software or coding it on an XML tool has passed. It is too much time consuming to follow new standards and change re-design the newsletter often. Also, you would have to know the details for each device and make the math on your own. Instead, let INBOXBrush do it for you.


What is it unique for?

You may now ask, what makes INBOXBrush unique and different from its equivalents.

First of all, INBOXBrush uses the latest technology which makes it so simple in interface and fast. However, the dynamics behind the system is refreshed every single day by the developers of INBOX; so, that the tool stays up-to-date to work optimized.

Secondly, the application of artificial intelligence puts INBOXBrush one step further from its equivalents. By analyzing the user behavior and profile info, the tool creates an almost ready-to-use template for each and every user. It means, once you open the tool, you see a template that already looks perfect for your campaign. With minor text changes, you can send your campaign in less than a minute. The more you use the system, the better it gets thanks to its artificially intelligent memory and capabilities.

The artificial intelligence is also combined with other applications of the system in INBOX’s panel. According to your subscribers’ behaviors and actions, the system automatically composes sub-lists from your campaigns and creates different and responsive newsletters for them. Therefore, you optimize the personalization of your database and get the best possible returns on your investment.

Thirdly, INBOXBrush applies no limitations. Unlike its equivalents, you can upload as much images as you can and save as much newsletter templates as you would like on the system for future use. In other words, you can create your own library on INBOX’s system and have a control on it without extra payments.



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