The Easiest and Cheapest ‘Email Verify’ Solution: INBOXVerify

For a successful email marketing strategy, up-to-date and verified email lists are essential. However, most marketers believe that email verification is only an extra cost. Since most email marketing platforms eliminate bounce addresses after each campaign, it seems like a legitimate thought. Yet, every email marketing list should be verified on a regular basis; because approximately 30% of mailing lists go bad every year.

First Time Users Must Verify Email Addresses

Even if an email marketing list is collected with permission-based methods, nothing can guarantee that the email addresses in a list are 100% good. Some may have misspelled their contact information or the addresses may have been unused for a while. So, email verification is of utmost importance when starting email marketing.

Bounce addresses damage email marketing campaigns altogether.


Sending campaigns to a list that contains high numbers of bounces decreases your reputation score. That is because the receiving servers detects that you are sending bulk emails to numerous non-existing or bouncing addresses. This eventually also decreases your deliverability in your next email marketing campaigns. So, you deliver to lesser number of inboxes every time. In this context, to catch the utmost deliverability, you need verified email marketing lists which are collected through permission-based methods.


Sending campaigns to a list that contains high numbers of bounces can put you into the blacklists of email service providers. This does not only affect your email marketing; but can cause problems for your inter-corporate mailings, as well.



INBOXVerify is one of the cheapest solution for ’email verify’

All email marketing platforms score your sending reputation dynamically, according to your campaign success. This reputation score is also very important for your deliverability. If you start your email marketing campaigns with a list that contains high numbers of bounces, you get a low reputation score; which is hard to increase. It takes a single sending to get a low reputation; but months to increase it.

Once you join, INBOX detects all the bouncing addresses after your campaigns and stops sending to them automatically. However, making a bad start effects your campaign results for a long time. Thus, it is essential to keep a high reputation from the start with email verification.

INBOXVerify provides up to 98% verification for any list. What differs it from its competitors is its pricing; which is quite cheap as compared to others. However, INBOXVerify provides the exact best outcome after email verification process is ended.


Simply drag and drop, you list is clean now!

Email list verification is simple. INBOXVerify automatically starts analyzation after you drag/drop your list to the panel. It allows you to real-time track your results.

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