E-mail Newsletter Design – Things to Keep in Mind

Newsletter Design

A company invests a lot of time week by week to put together their newsletter with quite creative design and informative content but still fails to see the rushing visitors on their website or any other results.

Most users subscribe to the newsletters with the enthusiasm of receiving their favorite content. But after one or two newsletters, they often find the tiny unsubscribe button more appalling than the huge “Click here and check our stuff out” button.

Have you wondered why this happens?

Email marketing is not as simple as it may seem. “Just hit the content to user’s inbox and they will come to us like fluttering butterflies” doesn’t always happen.

To make that happen, perfect e-mail newsletter designs are your answers to the most effective email marketing strategy.

The emergence of social media marketing has been quite successful in overshadowing the traditional email marketing regime. But according to a study, 73% of people prefer to receive promotional offers via email then only 27% who prefer social media platforms.

This is the time to level up your email newsletter for your effective email marketing game. And we are here to guide you through this.

What are the newsletters?

Newsletters have become a so common word that we never tried to define it by break the word. It’s simply “News” and “letter” which has a simple understanding. A letter of news.

A newsletter is an email that is sent to your subscribers regularly to keep them informed about the latest updates about your product and services. The goal is to engage the subscribers on regular basis. The company can always use tools to personalize the newsletters in accordance with subscribers’ behavior, to boost the chance of response.

Why design is crucial?

Designing a newsletter creatively to grab visual attention is important. Anything that appeals to the eye, appeals to the heart and the brain. At the same time, the design should not overshadow the content itself. A balance has to be maintained between both. This brings us to the important question, what comes first? Design or the Content?

What comes first? Email newsletter design or newsletter content

The answer undoubtedly is always the Content. Content is the priority. Content is the ultimate product. Relevance is the key. If you know, what content has to be sent in the newsletter, you can easily come up with a design. However, if you choose a design first, and don’t know what content to fit in, everything will look sham. The design will be no less than a façade. A fancy, colorful façade.

It should have an Ideal Structure

Laying out a structure for your newsletter can be beneficial for its success. The format helps subscribers to get familiarized with the layout. And hence they know what to expect. Components of the ideal newsletter structure are:

  • Dimensions
  • Template
  • Subject Line
  • Header
  • Body Text
  • Call to action
  • Footer

The process of coming up with the right structure can prove to be daunting. But trust us, this will bring a juicy fruit later for your company. Companies can always buy professional tools and software for email newsletter designing assistance.

What features to look for in a professional email software?

To reach the answer to the above question, Put yourself in the shoes of the reader as well as the marketer. What things you will want to see in a company’s newsletter? And what things you will make sure would reach the users on time?

You will be needing ideal tools to manage a long newsletter mailing list, editing the newsletter features, Responsive templates, the definitive procedure for subscribing and unsubscribing the newsletters, Deliverability rates, and more. 

INBOX, a one-stop management platform for all your email marketing management needs. INBOX is compliant with GDPR and CASL Regulations. The platform helps you to send personalized and scripted emails to grab the attention of your audience. Visit our website today to see all the tools we offer for you. 

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