The Pros and Cons Of Ready Templates And Photoshop Designs

Today’s digital world offers many simplicities for email marketing users. For years, marketers had to deal with many design works and HTML coding when creating an email marketing campaign; but now, most email marketing companies offer free tools for easy newsletter creation. With simple drag-and-drop, users can create optimized email newsletter designs that work perfectly on any device.

In this article, we have evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of ready-to-use templates and Photoshop like designs.


Advantages of ready-to-use templates

Tools like INBOXBrush offer HTML optimized newsletter designs to be created in minutes. They mostly contain several ready-to-use newsletter templates and drag-drop-based modules; so that a user can create a newsletter without any coding skills.

Since email marketing companies follow changing standards, they know the best for optimizing email newsletter designs. That’s why these tools work for the best results in designs. Also, in terms of time consideration, ready-to-use templates save a remarkable time for the marketers.


Disadvantages of ready-to-use templates

Obviously, the major downside of ready-to-use templates and template creation tools is that they limit your capacity of your imagination. To provide the best optimization, they generally come with the most standard modules. Therefore, users cannot create something really unique.


Advantages of designing a newsletter on Photoshop like tools

Being old-school is the new fashion. So, there is nothing wrong in creating newsletter designs on Photoshop and other similar tools and software. As long as the designer does a good job, newsletters will definitely look better than what is offered as a standard.

To establish a corporate identity in email marketing campaigns, creating newsletter templates on a different platform that allows you to use the best of your imagination is important. When a single framework is designed, a template can be changed into a campaign easily.


Disadvantages of designing newsletters on Photoshop like tools

Without a doubt, the most important handicap of working on Photoshop like platforms is that it’s very time-consuming. No matter how fast a designer works, it will definitely take longer than a simple drag-and-drop. Moreover, the task is not done when a newsletter design is created; then the coding part begins.

HTML coding may be easy, but the standards change constantly. To catch the best optimization for any device, one should follow the changing standards regularly; so that the newsletters can fit into thousands of screens.

Another disadvantage is that most people act lazy once they create a template. If the marketer is not eager to make even a simple change in the template, then a company can look very out-of-date in time. On the other hand, ready-to-use templates must be updated constantly to attract more customers; so they always look sharp and nice.

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