5 Things That Will Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Managing an email marketing campaign isn’t only about having subscribers and sending them emails. Email marketing is a complicated approach with layers of processes. One of these layers is controlling your email open rates. Email open rate is important, because … Read More


How To Boost Your Sales With Email Coupons

Want to increase your sales? Email coupons could become the star of your campaigns. Plus, they can strengthen your brand and increase engagement if used correctly. Remember when people used to cut coupons out of magazines, cereal boxes, flyers, and … Read More

email marketing trends

The Latest And The Most Effective Email Marketing Trends

Email sending volume has raised by 21% in 2021 after 2020. That’s enormous regarding the previous year’s increase was 45%. Why is that? The digital changeover among businesses on large and small scales has continued through 2021, as we can … Read More

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