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Emails have a conversion rate three times higher than social media. So if you have been neglecting this conventional online marketing tool, be sure to get back on track soon. Although most smartphone users check their emails more than once a day, there’s a good possibility that they will not open your emails if you are not doing it right. If you are planning to get started with email marketing, or if your email marketing campaigns are not doing well, here are some tips.

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1. Make Sure That the “from” Name is Recognizable

The sender’s name is the first thing recipients see when they look at their inbox. If the sender’s name is not recognizable, they will probably delete your email immediately. In most cases, the sender’s name is the name of your company or your personal name. If you use your individual name, be sure to include your first and last name.

2. Keep the Subject Line Short and Precise in Your Campaigns

The subject line of your email is probably the most significant part of your email. More than half of people open an email based on the information contained in the subject line. Therefore, your subject line should obviously point out to users what the email is actually about.

Putting an incentive in the subject line is a proven way to increase your email open rate. For example, include offers in the subject line of your email or offer something for free. However, make sure that the message matches the offer in the email. Any discrepancy would result in your email being quickly deleted.

3. Give A Little Taste With the Pre-header

As the pre-header is the line that appears in users’ inboxes after the subject line, it is crucial to use this line to follow up on the offer you made in the subject line. For example, if you are proposing an exclusive offer, you can include the promo code in the header.

4. Place Your Main Offer in Your Campaigns

Nearly every inbox client provides users with a small preview of the email. Use this preview window to showcase the main benefit you offer your recipients. Very often, this means placing your main offer in the first 3-4 inches of the email body.

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5. Design the Email Campaigns Carefully

Keep in mind that your email is not a web page. Therefore, refrain from using video, audio, or Flash in your emails. Just try to keep it simple. If the email does not display appropriately on your users’ devices, they will most likely throw it away instantly. Use plenty of white space and make sure your content is easy to skim. Keep your call to action above the page and replicate it 2-3 times for lengthy emails. Do not use more than 3 different fonts or font sizes. The purifier your email looks, the more probable it is to be read by your audience.

However, it’s also crucial that your email is not made up of more than 499-650 pixels wide. Most of your visitors will be accessing from smartphones. If your email surpasses this width, users will have to scroll it horizontally, which can be problematic on mobile devices. You do not want to annoy your users.

6. Personalize Your Email Campaigns

Personalization takes an important part in building a relationship with your users. Using your recipient’s first name is the easiest way to achieve this. However, with vertical response email editors, you can use a whole host of other information for personalization. For example, you can set up auto-responders for each time a person buys a certain product from your store. The auto-responder can provide offers for products that are related to the product they just sold.

7. Use Segmentation in Your Campaigns

Modern digital marketing is shaping your message based on your audience. You can segment your email list by age, gender, location, area of interest, and other factors. Use segmentation to personalize your email marketing. This works especially well for e-commerce email marketing campaigns. Use segmentation in conjunction with A/B testing to enhance your messages.

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8. Perform A/B Testings for Your Campaigns

Furthermore, you can often test nearly every element of your email. However, there are 5 email components that you should definitely separate test, and improve from time to time, according to the feedback you receive. Test different subject lines to see which ones work best.

Moreover, test more than one call-to-action for the same offer and see which CTA works best. You can A/B test for when your email is delivered. For example, it’s very likely that your audience responds better to emails on weekends than on weekdays.

In conclusion, we hope that this article would help you to enhance your email marketing efforts and make your campaigns a lot healthier. As INBOX, we provide all the elements and tools you need to utilize. Wish you high open rates!

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