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Newsletters designs have changed significantly through the years. As a matter of fact technology has permitted that newsletters now incorporate interactive content. In this article we will discuss about the main tips to make your newsletter an example of an successful newsletter.

INBOX has  a great tool for For creating email newsletter designs. It’s easy platform permits moving, creating and importing data easily. You can even incorporate 3rd party applications as long as they use API.

List your priorities

With so much competition nowadays, it is greatly important to create a long lasting impact on your client. Think on your newsletter as an story, this story needs a  beginning and a sequence. Remember to place important CTA that will create memorable events in your customers minds. Also keep in mind visuals such as logos and shapes that go throughout your newsletters to create a feeling of sequence. Keep in mind to keep your best visuals and messages in an priority order. This means to keep two most important messages and visuals first. This will guarantee success in the delivery of your messages.

This email is a great example of the use of CTA and visuals. This newsletter starts with a beautiful visual header , continued with sub messages and sub headers that lead up to a well placed  CTA.

Make your design compatible

Most if not all newsletter designs are made with the intention of placing html links. For this reason keep in mind to use a maximum of two columns. This will guarantee compatibility as mobile devices and tablets have a smaller screen than desktops. This means that large content with numerous rows will create incompatibility problems with smaller screens. 

Once you have your basic compatible structure, start thinking on your creativity. Add any design creativity you think valuable to this two column structure.

An eye catching header is a must

Most of your thoughts most come to your header. Headers are the first thing that your clients will see. If the header is dull and without any colors, it most likely be deleted immediately. For this reason focus your energy in creating a, colorful, visually entrancing and with subtle or direct CTA header. This will give you a better chance in your open rates instead of getting deleted right away.

Create a story of images with the same theme

In some cases a header is not enough. Most viewers will get bored if the newsletter only contains content without images to relax the eyes. This strategy works better when the images placed in the news letter have some sort of connections one with another. It will provide viewers the chance to relax and value the information provided.

Merge columns to create a wholesome newsletter design

In some cases split columns with an line dividing them can become repetitive and dull. To solve this you might attempt overlapping images. If images overlap they create the feeling of unity with makes the newsletter look more like a whole. This will create a visually entrancing effect but at the end we are still having two columns that can be viewed in any device. Keep compatibility and design in on newsletter with this tip.

Use colors to attract open rates.

Visually amazing colors are one the easiest ways to attract customers on opening your emails the first time. Cleverly chosen colors will create a sense of relaxation and trust that will lead the reader in reading your newsletters instead of reporting it a s spam or putting it in the trash. For example create a visually relaxing message inside an inbox list filled up with badly made designed newsletters and you will have the biggest chance of getting open rates.

Simplicity is best

The average reader looks at a newsletter for 11.1 seconds. This means that an overly long message won’t be read completely by your client. For this reason avoid overly long newsletters as visually tiring newsletters get ignored and unread quite quickly. Simplicity and straight to the point does not mean incorrect or bad method. In reality it will increase the amount of information your client will stay with.


Reshape your borders

The basic two column borders shape might seem traditional and boring. You can frame them a bit differently to make them look less traditional and still maintaining the compatibility you need. Create sort of circular frames inside of your newsletter to entrance your readers with beautiful visuals and still have the capability that your two column newsletter has.

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