Auto Resend

Auto Resend Campaign

Give your subscribers a second chance to open your emails with the auto resend feature.

Small changes can make a big difference

UseINBOX auto resend feature is a powerful tool that ensures your email messages reach your subscribers even if they missed the initial communication or didn't engage with it.

Select The Rule to How to Resend

You can select the way of how you want to resend your campaign: Either a brand new Subject Line, or a Brand New Content.

Steps To Create a Auto-Resend Campaign

  1. Click Schedule a Campaign on your dashboard.
  2. Select Auto-Resend Campaign menu on the 3rd row.
  3. Customize your sending settings. 
  4. Select when you’d like to send the first and the second email.
  5. Scroll up on the page and click “Send Now”.
  6. Voila! Your Auto-Resend Campaign is ready to go!

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