Anti-Spam Policy

Ant-Spam Policy

What is Spam?

Under the heading of spam e-mail, any e-mail you send to people who have not given you permission to send directly

When you send an e-mail to someone you don’t know, it is an “unauthorized” e-mail. Sending an unauthorized email to someone is definitely not spam. However, when you send unauthorized e-mails to all people you do not know, it is spam.

What kind of email addresses are authorized to send to with INBOX?

To send emails to anyone, you need the person’s permission. There are several ways you can get this permission;

  • Newsletter subscription forms available on your website.
  • Opt-in checkbox on the form. The person completing the form must voluntarily select the check box to indicate that they want to hear from you.
  • If a person completes an offline form such as a survey or joins a contest, you can contact them only if it is announced that they will be contacted by email AND if they check a box stating that they want to be contacted.
  • People who bought from you within 2 years.

What kind of email address are NOT authorized to send to with INBOX?

E-mails with the following criteria cannot be uploaded or sent to these e-mails;

  • Unauthorized persons to whom you are sending e-mails that cannot be proven to be authorized or whose content is not clearly identified.
  • NO sending can be made to lists you have purchased, borrowed, rented, or obtained in any way from a third party, regardless of quality or permission. You must obtain the shipping permission yourself.
  • Suppose you haven’t communicated with a person via e-mail for 2 years, there is no problem with permission, but this person may have either changed their e-mail address or forgot the permission.
  • If people share their e-mail addresses on the internet, in places such as forum sites, it does not mean that they will want to hear from you.

What Content Do I Have To Include In My E-mails

All e-mails you send via INBOX must have an unsubscribe button. After a person unsubscribes, you cannot send them again unless they subscribe again.

Account Suspension

INBOX reserves the right to suspend and review the account immediately in case of high spam rate, high bounce rate (more than 15%), high unsubscribe or very low opening rate in the e-mails you send. In the event of unauthorized e-mailing, the account will be closed. We may ask you to prove that the e-mails you send are authorized. If proven, the account will be reactivated, otherwise the account will be deactivated.

What we accept

  • Addresses collected from your website via a registration form,
  • Customers or people who provide their email
    address to receive a newsletter, and
  • Members of your organization.

What we do not accept

  • Bought or rented databases and email addresses that have been copied or found on the internet.
  • Phishing contents in newsletter
  • Any emails related to getting rich, making money from home, etc… (affiliate marketing)
  • Sending affiliate offers. You have a single list and send various affiliate offers to it.
  • Under the anti-spam regulations, you’re obliged to provide the domain name of the sender account that you use as and a link to your website must be included in the content of the email you send.
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