Actual Purpose of Email Marketing

This is actually quite basic, but it is a goal that has remained in the background. What is it? It is attracting the interest of recipients in your list to provide they open the next email. It didn’t seem familiar at first, did it? Even may, you said  “are we really doing email marketing for this”? But what about the potential customer portfolio to become a real customer, sales goals? What happened to them? Ultimately, wasn’t marketing, the ways and strategies to reach them?

The answer is both yes and no. Actually yes, the ultimate aim of your marketing activities is surely this; but let’s take a look at your email marketing strategy that you use to do that, if you want.

The frequent mistake about email marketing is perceiving it as a means of reaching to new customers that you do not know. That’s what exactly we’re trying to underline in this chapter. With email marketing, you’ll never reach new people. Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram ads, etc. are for this.What you do with e-mail marketing is to establish and tighten your bond with your list of people who are already interested in you. In this way, you will serve to your loyal audience. These loyal followers will not just become  your customers over time,  they will also become voluntary ambassadors of your brand.

At this point, it is important that you provide value to your recipients in every e-mail you send. In this way, you remain a company that provides people with quality content that is worth watching, not as a company that makes spam and annoys them in every opportunity. Also this, provides you have happy customers and happy customers turn into loyal customers.

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