6 tips – using email marketing for restaurants

Restaurant administration is not easy by any means. You need to manage employees, order drink and food, manage trash, provide incredible customer service, as well as the best possible meal, and focus on marketing for  your restaurant too. Talk about having your hands full!

How can you turn a casual visitor into a regular client at your restaurant? How do make regular clients bring in their family and friends? These questions are the main focus and worries from restaurant owners and managers.

Email marketing is an effective way to reach people. Reality is that a huge percentage of smartphone users, check their notifications before sleeping. Your restaurant could be their night plans before they even wake up.

Email marketing for restaurants doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. Just look at some of these ideas to get your own creative juices flowing!

The top 6 email marketing ideas for restaurants

Try out these easy tips, and then analyze the number of customers you get in over the next couple months to find your ROI (return on investment).

1. Free meals.

It’s common to hear  that there’s no such thing as a free meal. if you run a restaurant, you have the opportunity to bend the rules a little bit when it comes to that saying.

Making an email list of directories is one of the first steps to creating successful email marketing campaign. bring customers into your restaurant giving away a free meal to one lucky subscriber every week. People will sign up happily for the chance to win a meal.

After you have them on your email list directory, you can send out free offers for appetizers or desserts. These small things can make customers invest more money and time in you restaurant.

2. Portray menu items.

Are you making a new menu? Do you want you clients to know about this new delicious menu? There is no best way that creating a newsletter and dropping it in their email!

One thing to remember is that with this marketing strategy their always need to be a “why” factor. Why should someone visit your business? This “why” could include the fact of trying the new menu items..

Best part of it is that, you can combine this marketing idea with the one mentioned above. Introduce a brand new  menu and then offer some sort of free sample for email subscribers. That’s an email that anyone will be happily open.

3. Share kitchen recipes.

I quick question would be why would I want to share my restaurant recipes?. Won’t people make the dish themselves instead of coming to my restaurant?

The truth is that people visit restaurants for convenience. Most people can cook by themselves but the quick service and atmosphere from restaurants are more convincing for clients than cooking at home.Sharing a recipe is a great way to add value to your email marketing campaigns. Plus if they do cook up your recipes, they will think about your restaurant while cooking. They will probably enjoy the sigh but at the same time they will think, “This is so much better when someone else cooks it for me.”

sharing a recipe makes email marketing for restaurants simple and effective.

4. Bring your fans.

Many cities and towns make local events in which they show their restaurant cousine. In some cases, there may even be a competition aspect of these events where a trophy or ribbon is on the line.

Gaining attention in this sort of events is hugely important for restaurants. Why not invite your loyal fans to come out and show their support? This creates a relationship with your clients outside your restaurant. As an addition, loyal clients may even vote for you if there is some sort of voting afterwards. .

You can build hype, earn bragging rights, and connect with customers all thanks to one email.

5. Keep events updated .

Most restaurants now a day focus on aspects outside of food. Many times other events will happen simultaneously to attract the attention of the client.. For example, a sports bar may promote the next big game while a wine bar advertises their live jazz night.

How do you tell your clients about these events? In many cases money is required to make these events. Meaning that a crowd is needed to fund them. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure you see positive ROI. Keep your customers updated as new events are booked, and remind them as the event approaches.

6. Make promotions for special days.

During some special days your restaurant should sell tickets to enter. For example during mother’s day there could be a mothers day themed dinner where prior reservation is needed. The same can be applied for new year or christmas.

Email marketing is the perfect way to keep your clients informed about these special events. The menu, prices and dates can be sent by email in a cost effective way. Keep your clients excited for the new upcoming events.

Restaurant’s marketing made easy.

You sell quality food, have top notch service and the best ambient; all you need to do is get people through the door, email marketing that focuses in specialized events , demographics, and dates are an excellent way to bring in new clients. With these tips, your next newsletter will look almost as good as the food you serve!

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