6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Must Do Email Marketing

1. It effectively gets new customers
Research shows that email marketing is totally more effective than social media about getting new customers, with email marketing, the number of your customers will climb fastly.

2. It is cost-effective
Email marketing has an excellent ROI for all brands, for example, in the United States for every $1 that you spent on email marketing, the average of the return is $44.

One of the main advantages of email marketing is that you are able to include the same factors of direct mail, containing its interruptive effect with optimization of send time, without the postage and printing cost.

3. It is personal
When you send your newsletter design with a personal subject line, it is more likely to be opened. That’s the first step to show your email like personal message instead of spam. And here are the other tips:

• Sending a special newsletter design to your subscribers when it’s their birthday or anniversary date.
• Offering a product or discount related to your subscribers’ previous purchases with your brand.
• Giving place to topics that include items of interest of your subscribers, in your emails.

4. It generates a call to action
If people feel like they have an investment themselves in a product or a service, they are more likely to purchase. You are going to begin the investment process by encouraging your subscribers to open the email. Encouraging subscribers to another click is the next step of conversion.

5. It provides access between your brand and mobile users
People check their emails averagely 80 times per day. Three of every 5 people use their mobile devices to read and reply to emails. So, email marketing is an important factor in a small business growth strategy.

6. It procures measurable outcomes
You can get measurable results with email marketing, other types of marketing don’t provide this to you. You are able to see which one of your email marketing campaigns work effectively and which one doesn’t.

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