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If you want to build an amazing brand, you should know that this is start with amazing digital marketing. Even if you don’t have the knowledge to do it or you don’t have employees who have the knowledge, don’t be afraid, still, you can make it. You can get help from digital marketing agencies. There are many digital agencies out there, so, what distinguishes 519Design from other digital agencies?

519Design is a digital agency which offers full-service on web design, digital marketing, SEO and graphic design areas. 519Design is promising high ROI for their clients with their experience of over 14 years and all work is done by the group of skilled and experienced professionals. 519Design has 5.0 stars rating on Google and provides services all you need in one package with 7/24 support.

So, what services are in this package?

What 519Design is doing by using INBOX?

Since 519Design started to work with INBOX, 519Design increased the number of subscribers by using the permitted list increasing tools of INBOX. Also, 519Design knows how often they should send and the right time to sending thanks to INBOX’s advanced reporting system. So, 519Design also increased open and click-through rates with this advanced information.

Please check below to see the INBOX‘s features which 519Design uses.

  • Welcome Message

You can send automatically Welcome message to someone who leaves his or her email address to your website.

  • Birthday Celebration

You can celebrate your all subscribers’ birthday with one click.

  • Goodbye Message

You can send a goodbye message for the last time to someone who unsubscribes and doesn’t want to receive email from you anymore.

  • When a Specific Date Arrives

You can preset to automatically send your newsletter to a group of subscribers on an advanced date that you specify.

  • When a Person Click

When your subscriber clicks a specific link in your newsletter design that you sent, after a while you can send another newsletter or you can group the person in another list.

  • When a Person Unsubscribe

When your subscriber unsubscribes through a newsletter design that you sent, you can send a newsletter to say how much you sad or you can send an opportunity.

  • When Spam Reported

When your subscriber makes a spam report through a newsletter design that you sent, you can send automatically the information which proves your sending is permitted.

  • When Web Form is Completed

When there is a new subscriber via web form, you can prepare at once the newsletters, which you will send them in a year, and you can plan sending schedule.





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