5 Things That You Shouldn’t Do In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

You are doing e-mail marketing, but you can not achieve the rendement that you want. Or, you are looking for ways to improve your existing email marketing strategy. Do you want to know common items that could adversely affect the success of your campaigns? We’ve listed common mistakes about email marketing.

  1.  Too Much Text or Word

Studies show that you have maximum 8 seconds to attract an average adult’s attention. So, do you want to use a newsletter design which includes too many words?

  2. Giving Prominence to Your Brand Too Much

Don’t put so much meaning to yourself and your brand. Customers are not really interested in you. The main concern of your customers is to solve their problems or fulfill their wants. Try to explain what you’ve solved instead of telling about yourself.

 3. Using Deceptive Topics

It is possible to mislead people using incorrect or deceptive titles in your newsletter design, but it will not be easy for you to gain back the trust of your users that opened the e-mail after being misled. Be as clear and honest as possible.


  4. Adding Single and Large Image

It is possible to focus your newsletter design on one image, but we recommend that you support your newsletter design with text instead of just visual. Two factors come to the forefront here. Firstly, a visual-oriented e-mail design is difficult to load and takes time, but the user doesn’t like to lose time on the internet. Besides, a visual oriented e-mail design may seems as spam to spam filters.

  5. Incorrect Linking

You sent your e-mail to your customers on your list and succeeded to attract some people. When they click the link that’s on your newsletter design and try to reach your website, they will give up easily if they are not directed to the correct page.

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