5 Significant Tips in Newsletter Design For Beginners

Design is one of the critical parts for get successful results in digital marketing and email marketing. The right design is the key to a clearer understanding of your message and its more efficient communication. We  compiled the basic components that need to be considered in design to especiall the pre-sales e-mail marketing get a direct return.


  1. Think Simple

A significant part of the companies think that the newsletter design  as much works as how much it seems full. However, you have forgotten something, thousands of e-mails are going to other people’s e-mail box like yours. An important part of the companies think the more full the email design looks, the better it will work. However, you have forgotten something, thousands of e-mails like you are going to other people’s e-mail box. If you want to create awareness here, try to be simple. E-mail with plenty of color and plenty of content often prevents the message from being understood. With a ordinary, simple layout and overall design, you can call out to a wide audience, so you can make a serious progress.

2. Divide messages into sections

We suggest you to keep your messages as clear as possible in the e-mails you send, and to keep single message-oriented from the title to the content, but if there will be more than one message in an e-mail for some reason, try to create sections within the e-mail design. For example, if you are a company that sells baby products, if you want to add news from your blog besides discount products into your email, send them by placing separate passages / visuals from products and written content in separate sections, not in the same sequence.

3. Think of all email boxes before move

There are dozens of e-mail boxes like Outlook, Zimbra, Gmail, Yahoo etc. on the world. e-mail sizes and features of all are different. It is imperative that you consider all of these e-mail boxes and develop an understanding of design that complies with the technical requirements of these systems. Otherwise, your email that looks good in Outlook may not look good in Gmail, or the fonts may scroll completely.

4.Don’t Neglect Mobile Devices

All researchs show that at least 60% of e-mails are opened by mobile devices. Neglecting your mobile-oriented design approach will most likely cause your e-mail marketing efforts to be frustrated. Regardless, do a mobile-oriented newsletter design.

5- Check

Review all the details mentioned before. You can make mistakes about font, visual and content, it is possible. Do test sending before the send.


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