5 Reasons That Make E-Mail List Verification Crucial

There are more than 270 billion emails sent by each day, and since there is a huge competition for e-mail marketing, the numbers are expected to increase day by day. So, you heard about the benefits of e-mail marketing and want to start your own campaign. You have the list of contacts and cannot wait to start. However, starting your campaign with a non-verified list will cost you a lot and possibly end up with failure.

Email list verification means a lot to avoid such outcomes and it is an essential step for bringing success. Yes, that process will cost you, and you may not be willing to do that, however, you cannot get expected results and you will be wasting your resources without email list verification. In this article, you will find 5 reasons that make email list verification crucial for your email marketing campaign.

  • Permission-based lists may not be ‘clean’

Even you get your contacts with the permission-based method, this does not guarantee for your list to be clean. Some may have misspelled their address, or the address may have been unused for a while. Therefore, 30% of your list go bad every year.

  • Clean list increase deliverability rate

Deliverability rate has been an important point for the success of email marketing campaign. It is misguiding to say that clean lists bring 100% of deliverability rate, but, it will definitely increase your deliverability rate considerably. Also, once you have detected bad records in your list, you can get rid of them with email list verification.

  • Reputation

The reputation score is an important factor for most of the major ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Mailbox providers consider your reputation score and decide whether your email goes to inbox or spam folder. Sending unknown users affects your reputation score. Thus, sending unclean lists will decrease your reputation score and have an effect on your future sending negatively.

  • Do you really want to send bounce email address?

You have invested your campaign to increase your profit. You cannot sell your product to those unknown users. This means that you have spent your money for nothing and affect your possible sales opportunity negatively. So, your lists produce less return on investment (ROI).

  • Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Starting your email marketing campaign without email list verification means purchasing bigger plans for unreachable contacts. And bigger plans come with bigger prices. Email list verification, in that sense, is not an extra cost. In the long run, it will maximize your benefit.

So, those reasons make email list verification crucial. By the way, did you know that you can analyze your list for free and learn how many bounces it has with INBOX? This analysis lets you know if your list needs ‘email verify’ or not; so you don’t make an extra spending for email verification without any prior knowledge.



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