5 Important Steps For Newsletter Designs People Want To Read

Do you know that number of people who want to communicate with firms via e-mail method is increase? Newsletter design, especially, has an important role as the part of that communication. However, once you’ve created a newsletter as a part of your e-mail campaign, you should know that that’s not the only thing that brings success to your campaign. More importantly, your newsletter should be read by your customer to accomplish its goals.

So, if you are looking for advice to make your customers read your newsletter, you can follow those steps while designing your newsletter.


  • Do you need a newsletter for your campaign?

Well, firstly, you should think about your campaign and necessities. Yes, newsletter design has a crucial role to run a successful e-mail campaign for certain firms, however, this does not mean that every campaign needs a newsletter. To make that evaluation, you can analyze the other firms in your industry and their marketing campaigns. If newsletter design is not the best idea for your marketing campaign, you can spend your time and resources to another channel.

  • First Impression: Subject Line

The main and most important factor for the open rates of your newsletter design is the subject line. Once your e-mail landed in receiver’s inbox, a powerful subject line can take their attention. That’s why the content of your subject line should be piquing the reader’s interest and evoke their sense of curiosity.

  • Sender Name

Sender name basically shows your receivers where that e-mail comes from. It’s also a good way to show your corporate identity to your customer. If your customer can see your identity at the first place, they can easily recognize you and became more willing to open your e-mails.

  • Content

Newsletters are the good way to communicate with your customers as we mentioned above. In that point, the content of your newsletter design is a matter for your readers. You should keep in mind that consumers share their e-mails to hear more about the firms. However, this does not mean that they only want to get sales-based e-mails, this could make them bored. You should also share useful information and updates related to your industry. Therefore, it’s important to have a balanced content in your newsletter.

  • Segmentation

Targeting group is another important factor for your e-mail marketing campaign. You can increase your open rates by designing personalized newsletter designs appealing different targeting groups. It is easy to create personalized campaigns with list segmentation with INBOX. You can group your contacts easily with the Segmentation system depending on their custom fields, location, interests and more.


So, those steps will be useful for you to make your newsletter read by your customers more. Also you can design your newsletters with INBOXBrush with easy drag/drop method in a minutes. It includes sectorally divided ready templates, hundreds of modules and a large photo library for any special event and business sector. It also offers an advanced photo editor and allows you to store unlimited numbers of templates and pictures.





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