5 Important Email Marketing Statistics For Your Ecommerce Website

Email marketing is one of the key processes that help your business attract new customers. Additionally, it also helps keep the existing customers interested in your business. While email marketing is known to be very important for ecommerce, it can be said that many businesses still don’t understand the positive impact and importance of it.

For this reason, in this post, we will inform our readers about how much email marketing actually impacts an ecommerce business. Additionally, we will mention 5 important email marketing statistics for your ecommerce website. However, for the new readers, we first want to mention what email marketing for ecommerce websites is, and how it affects businesses.

What Is Email Marketing?

As can be understood pretty straightforward from its name, email marketing is a marketing industry that is built on email systems. Email marketing today is very important due to a number of reasons. We can list some of these reasons below as:

  • Over four billion people actively use email systems. This means that email marketing has an audience of over four billion people.
  • Over 70% of consumers say that they can rank email marketing in the top three among all marketing and advertising systems.
  • Over 60% of consumers state that they have bought a product that was promoted to them via email marketing.
  • In 2022, for every dollar spent on an email marketing campaign, an ecommerce website can get a return of up to $42. 

But, these statistics don’t necessarily mean that every email campaign from every ecommerce business is going to be successful. In fact, there are a long list of things to do if you want to make sure that your campaign is successful. For example, if not executed correctly, your email marketing campaign can face failure due to very low open rates. Or you can constantly lose subscribers due to mismanagement.

That said, it also doesn’t mean that email marketing is as complicated as rocket science. You just need to know what to do, and when to do it. For example, every ecommerce website that manages an email marketing campaign should know how to keep their subscribers interested.

There are many ways to lure new potential customers. While most of these ways work for most businesses, a business should still know what their subscribers are interested in. 

Industry Statistics From Industry Experts

Further below, we will mention some statistics about email marketing. These statistics will mainly be about the business side of email campaigns. However, we will also inform you about some outside statistics that we think can be helpful for our readers. 

Welcome Emails Have The Highest Open Rate Among All Emails With %82. 

Email campaigns usually consist of many different email types, from promotions to special discount messages, or birthday/holiday celebrations. However, none of these have the highest open rate. The highest open rate belongs to welcome emails, which has an open rate of %82. This means that sending welcome emails is very important, and even essential to increase open rates of your email campaign. 

Over %85 Of Ecommerce Businesses Say That Their Main Purpose With Email Marketing Is Increasing Brand Awareness

Yes! While selling products or services via email marketing is very important, it is not the main focus point. Yes, they help you make profit. But, they are just one-time transactions. From a larger perspective, increasing brand awareness is a lot more important. Because selling products via email marketing is a one-time transaction. However, increasing brand awareness helps you gain permanent customers that will constantly buy from you. 

A Large Portion Of Ecommerce Businesses Have Subscriber Lists Of Less Than 10,000 Subscribers

While this may seem odd, since the numbers look very low, it isn’t actually a very bad thing. One of the most important focus points of email marketing is having high-potential subscribers. This means that you want to have a subscriber list consisting of real potential customers that are likely to buy from you. This is also one of the reasons why email marketing is one of the best promotion strategies in terms of ROI. 

About 50% Of Consumers State That They Enjoy Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s true! The real return rate in terms of sales might not be as high as 50%. However, consumers still think that email marketing is a good way of promoting products and services via email. This means over 2 billion people are open to buy a service or a product they see on an email. On the other hand, other marketing strategies such as TV and YouTube advertisements have a lot lower rates in terms of enjoyment. 

The Biggest Problem For Most Email Marketers Is Low Open Rates

There are many difficulties and problems a business can face related to their email marketing campaign. But for most, the biggest and most annoying problem is low open rates. There are many strategies and approaches that can be used to fight low open rates. However, the most important key factor is being original. We actually just released another blog post about increasing your open rates. You can check it out by clicking here. 

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